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Introduction: Run Android Apps Inside a Browser

Thanks to independent developers, anybody can port their favorite Android apps to a computer. All you need is a simple program, which allows you to launch Android apps inside a browser.

Step 1: Preparations

In order to launch Android apps on your computer, you'll need several things:

  • Chrome Apk Packager - After installing this simple app on your Android device, you'll be able to port any installed app you like.
  • ARChon - You'll need to install this extension inside your Chrome or Chrome-based browser. (UPDATE: Now available from Google Play)
  • Citrio - This is a browser I'll use for this tutorial. Haven't checked this method in other browsers, but in Citrio it works.
  • Android device with installed apps.

Step 2: Port APK File

In order to run an Android App, you'll actually need one of such apps. There is a way, to download apk files from Google Play, but porting apps from an Android device is MUCH easier.

  1. Install Chrome Apk Packager on your device.
  2. Launch it and select the app you'd like to port (I'll be porting Bubble Break game).
  3. Transfer the file you get to your computer.

Step 3: Install Apps Inside Browser

Unpack both ARChon and the app you're porting (the should be folders, not archives).

Go to browser settings, then to Extensions.

Enable Developer Mode. Now the option to Load unpacked extensions will become available. Click on it.

Add ARChon extension.

Add apk (Bubble Break).

Hit Launch!

Step 4: Enjoy Your Android App!

That's it! Now you can play your favorite Android games and services from inside a browser.

The possibilities are limitless. You can port any Android game (like Plants vs Zombies 2, Candy Crush or Clash of Clans) or app (Songza, Uncloud, Flipboard).

Such apps also work in Moder UI mode.

NOTE: In case the app doesn't launch, try another version of ARChon. (x32/x64)

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    5 days ago

    Hi, This works but I installed Epic Games on this and it says Device Is offline whenever I launch it


    3 years ago

    APK Manager is a simple, lightweight tool that allows you to administer the applications that you have installed on your Android, including making backup copies or using their APK files to install them.