Introduction: Rustic Industrial Chain Shelf

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Recently our friend, Chris, gifted us a beautiful piece of 30-year-old redwood. We thought it would make a great rustic tray or shelf, both simple and fast to complete projects.

The shelf idea won out since we found the perfect place for it. We decided on a rustic shelf with industrial elements that would fit in well with the decor in Steph's bedroom.

Step 1: Watch the Video

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Step 2: Gather Materials and Prep

Only a few materials are needed for this shelf. We sourced a piece of angle iron from the trash. We purchased a chain and some other hardware needed to finish the shelf.

We started by cutting the ends off the board to fit the space and to give it clean sides. The board was sanded and stained.

We cut the angle iron to length with a portable band saw, although many different tools could be used to accomplish this.

Step 3: Prep the Chain and Anchor Points

We cut the chain to the approximate length with Ryobi battery powered bolt cutters. The anchor points and chain were lightly sprayed with oil rubbed bronze to give it an aged look.

Once dry, anchor points were screwed onto the front corners of the shelf.

Step 4: Attach Shelf to Wall

Although it looks like the chain is holding the shelf secure, the majority of the weight is being held by the angle iron. We attached the angle iron to the wall first and then secured the shelf to the angle iron.

The chain was put into place to check the length. We further cut it to length, as well as cutting sections out of the top and bottom links, which we attached to the wall and shelf anchor points.

The last step was to attach the anchor points to the wall and connect the chain.

Step 5: Stage the Shelf

Lastly, we tried out a couple of staging ideas. We love the idea of a castle sitting on it as the shelf looks like a drawbridge, although we really like the Harry Potter inspired shelf decor too!

Which do you like best on the shelf?

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