Rustic Name Sign Out of Scrap Wood.




Introduction: Rustic Name Sign Out of Scrap Wood.

This is my first project here. My daughter wanted a name sign for her room on her birthday. It is really easy to do but I have got some nice feedback on it. I decided to start a youtube channel for future projects as you can see in the video. I made the music myself using Music Maker Jam. It came out really crap, but it was new and a fun experience.

Step 1: Materials Used:

Wooden board.

Some firewood, preferably hardwood and other small pieces of scrap wood for the frame.

Black/dark paint.

Clear coating.


Hot Glue or wood glue.

Sandpaper 120-400.

Step 2: Tools Used:






Glue gun.

Wired steel brush.


Step 3: Find Some Old Wood and Cut to Wanted Size of the Sign.

I used some old barn wood. Any wood can be used off course, even new wood if roughed up later.

Step 4: Flatten the Wood With a Planer.

This is just so it will be easier to add the cut out wooden letters later.

Step 5: Work the Wood With a Wired Steel Brush.

This really add some structure and characteristic to the wood. Also add some extra dents and marks using screws, screwdriver etc to make an even more rustic effect to the piece.

Step 6: Paint It.

I prefer spray paint in a flat black finish. Any dark color will do and you can also use a brush.

Step 7: Sanding.

Sand down a bit. Now you will see the grooves and cuts coming through with the increased contrast as the dark high spots will be sanded down to wooden color and remaining wood will pop out dark.

Step 8: Cut Slices of Some Hardwood With a Saw.

One end grain piece for each letter in my case. I love the pattern in old slightly spalted end grain from ash wood. I was using some partly burned firewood that was left over from a campfire we had last winter.

Step 9: Print Out Your Letters in the Font and Size You Like.

Cut the letters out with scissors and glue them on to the slices of wood you just cut.

Step 10: Cut the Letters Out With a Jigsaw.

After cutting out the letters, turn them upside down and add black paint on all the sides to make a nice shadow effect.

Step 11: Arrange the Wooden Letters to the Board.

After you have decided how to arrange the letters, glue them on with a glue gun etc. Sand them down to remove any black paint from the front. Sand with 240-400 on the letters for a glossy finish.

Step 12: Add Clear Coating.

I added two layers of clear coat. The end grain is now popping out of the letters in nice contrast to the more roughed dark background board. Two broken support legs were nailed to the back. The frame around the bord was also just some scrap wood cut to size and nailed on to the board.

Step 13: Hang It on the Door!

I used hot glue to fasten the sign to my daughters bedroom door.

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    5 years ago

    That's really cute :) I had something similar on my door when I was a kid.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot!