Rustiic String Heart Wall Art and Coat Hook




Introduction: Rustiic String Heart Wall Art and Coat Hook

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This heart thread art is very attractive and easy to do. You can use larger version of it for wedding backdrops and, what's more it can be used as a coat hook, too!

Step 1: Materials


You can get your wood slices by cutting it off a log thrown around. I'm always on the look out for free wood :-)

thread/ string of your color choice.

hanging hooks




Step 2: Sand and Prepare

Prepare your wood slice by sanding it well on both sides.

Place the slices on paper and draw around. Cut the shape.

Step 3: Heart Template

Fold the paper in half and draw half a heart. Cut the shape.

Step 4: Pin It

Pin the shape to your wood temprorarily.

Step 5: Nail It!

Now nail around the shape, leaving a bit of gap between the nails. I did this for 2 slices.

For the 3rd I have cut a smaller heart and nailed around it and also I nailed the perimeter of the log slice.

Step 6: Hanging Hardware

Drill a hole in the back, but don't go all the way through. Make sure
you are drilling in the proper place so that your heart will be hanging in the right direction and not upside down or lopsided. Nail in your hanging hardware.

Step 7: Tie It!

Start by tying a knot with the magenta thread. Wrap the short end around
a couple of times and glue it so that the thread will not fray and come out.

Step 8: String It!

Now start wrapping your thread from nail to nail. Here, there is no order. Just fill it up.

Step 9: Variation 2

You can leave 1 like this and you can go a bit different and follow the next steps for other slice.

Start off by tying and wrapping the red thread on the top curve.

Step 10: Curve It!

Now do an abrupt curve and go from top to side. Here I have numbered 1&2 so you will understand.

Step 11: String Again

Now keep wrapping up and down in a crisscross movement as shown in the picture.

Step 12:

Continue until you find that the shape is narrowing. Then do another abrupt turn as shown in picture.

Now repeat the up and down crisscross thread wrapping until you come to the top.

Step 13: Shape It!

Fill up the top and move the thread to the top point of the heart. Do a couple of wraps around it.

In order to mimic the same shape as done in the right, wrap the thread
on to a nail trying to get as close an angle as possible to the shape of the other side.

Step 14: Fill It Up!

As you can see, the place where my finger is pointing towards is kind of empty.

Bring the thread there and start wrapping in the crisscross way so that it would blend into the shape.

Step 15: Admire Variation 2

Here it is compleated.

Step 16: Variation 3

For the 3rd slice I nailed in the nails, as shown in picture. Then I
tied the 2 colors to different nails and wrapped both colors alternatively, as I wanted both colors to kind of blend and show through. There is no order here. Just wrap.

Step 17: Coat Hook?

You can drill and add a hook if you want to use it as a coat hanger. It looks amazing like that!

Step 18: Admire It!

Now hang it on the wall anyway you like and enjoy the visual colors!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please post pictres of your versions. Would love to see it.

Also , If you enjoyed reading this tutorial...I would love your vote for the contests it's entered in. Thanks a bunch!

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    4 years ago

    Beautiful artwork! And functional, too :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks!..yep very functional :-)


    4 years ago

    cool and cute! :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you!


    4 years ago

    These are just darling! I have a few stumps I'm not sure what to do with so thanks for the idea.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks :-) love giving you ideas :-)