S-Mart Pocket Protector and ID

Introduction: S-Mart Pocket Protector and ID

Two days later after constructing this:


I had actually started work on the S-Mart pocket protector last week so it came along quickly. Well, quickly for me - I totally re-did the original prototype I had made!

This might seem pricey for such a small item but I totally justify it in that I have seen people charging $15.00 just for the MY NAME IS ASH – HOUSEWARES badge.

Step 1: Pocket Protectors

I started off with some white pocket protectors. I got 12 for $8.00 from Amazon. The particular ones I got are currently unavailable but you can get another brand with fewer pocket protectors for about the same money (8 for $8.00).

The big difference between modern pocket protectors and the ones used for the Army of Darkness costume is that the back of the protector is no longer a rectangular shape so…

I cut the pocket piece off one of them and put it over the original back and then just put a piece of heavy packing tape on the back to connect it.

I realized later I could have just cut the piece off of and put it on the same pocket protector since the bottom pocket section would not be visible since it would be inside the pocket.

Step 2: Logo and Final Steps for Pocket Protector

I then found the S-Mart logo online. There are several all over the internet. I cleaned mine up, resized it and did color correction in Microsoft Publisher.

I printed up the S-Mart logo onto card stock.

I put strips of double stick tape on the back of the cardstock and cut out the logo. I then just pressed it onto the pocket protector.

I frequently will use a sort of laminating technique and put a layer of packing tape over items I have printed to make them more durable. I opted not to do so this time because I thought it looked too shiny.

So that is the finished pocket protector. Added a red stylus pen from the Dollar Tee to complete the look.

Step 3: The Name's Ash. Housewares.

I found an S-Mart badge online, did some color correcting and resizing (I use Publisher a lot), and printed it onto card stock.

I was originally going to glue the badge onto a small piece of luan, cut it out on my band saw and meticulously paint the edges white and glue-on a pin to the back. I got so exhausted just thinking of all that work I decided to just glue it onto a piece of 3 mm foam, cut that out with a model knife and then hot glue a pin onto the back.

Went berserk with the hot glue.

A weird trick that I sometimes use (because I am notoriously impatient) is to put recently hot-glued items into the freezer to make them set quicker.

Step 4: Art

Here is the artwork that I used. As I said, both images can be found easily enough with a basic search on the internet. I just like Instructables that have as many patterns or details as possible. This was a Publisher file that I saved as a PDF. I didn't see a way to upload PDFs here so used the great site pdf2jpg.net to turn it into a 300 DPI JPEG. Hopefully it uploads a full-sized version that people can print.

I just started a Deviant Art account. Here is a link to a larger image. Just resize it to 8.5" x 11".


Step 5: Finito

Here is the smock with the pocket protector and ID in place. I wore it to the library where I "work" as a bit of cosplay to promote our Winter Convention, A Celebration of Fandom that's coming up this weekend.

I've just discovered there's a Pocket-Sized Contest. What's more pocket sized than a pocket protector? I have to be a smart aleck and enter.

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