Introduction: SAY BYE TO THE PINE !!!

Are you fed up of looking at that 1990's pine furniture worth a lot of money. Well I will now show you how to restore it so it looks new and back to factory condition.

All you need to do this is:

An unwanted cupboard

A paint sprayer ( I recommend using a Wagner system as they are great with thick paints )

Chalk paint - I used pink, sadly.

A plastic protection sheet.

P.S. This can take as little as 5 minutes or as long as you want.

Step 1: Preparation

Using a plastic paint protection sheet cover the walls and floors around the cupboard to protect the room from the paint used.

Step 2: Painting / Spraying

Add a medium amount of paint into the sprayer as shown in the sprayers instructions ( water down if necessary )

Now spray the cupboard thoroughly with an even and drip free consistency. Leave to dry and keep adding coats until it looks perfect. Once totally dry return the cupboard to the original spot and be proud of what you have done.

If you like, you could sand down some edges and ware spots to make it look a little old. ( shabby chic )

Step 3: My Final Product

As you can see the cupboard looks new and great. All you have to do now is let all your friends know about what you have done and show off your amazing talent. I hope yours goes as well as mine and you achieve great success.

Step 4: