[SGZ] How to Make a Perfect Solar Charger(cheap,pocket Size)

Introduction: [SGZ] How to Make a Perfect Solar Charger(cheap,pocket Size)


I am sgz

this is my solar charger that can charge your smartphone.

this solar charger have one rechargeable lit-ion battery and you can recharge that with sun or usb charger.

as you can see this is in one cassette case and it is pocket size.

ok lets make it...

Step 1: Parts That We Need

to make this charger you should get this parts:

x1 cassette case

some ice cream sticks to make skeleton of charger (you can make it however you want)

x2 switch

x1 5v zener diode (1N4733)

x1 rechargeable lit-ion battery with High mA ( or one phone battery)

x1 lit-ion battery charger with mini usb input

x2 3v solar panel with High mA

x1 DC-DC 2v to 5v step-up booster with usb output

Step 2: The Circuit

with this circuit you can solder parts together and put it in the case

Step 3: How to Put Parts in Case?

1. this is lit-ion battery

you can put it in here just like this

2.this is lit-ion charger that you can place that in here with hot glue

3. you can put the DC-DC booster in here

4. I put one extra female USB port in here .(I soldered it to battery)

5.this little thing is my zener diode

6.you should cut the case like this to make a way to USB and mini USB (and for switches )

7.if you want to put one extra USB port you should cut the case like this

8.with this switch you can turn DC-DC booster on or off

9.with this switch you can change charging style for solar charger (with sun or mini USB charger)

10.I put this little led that turn on when solar panel works (I solder this led to one of solar panels)

Step 4: We Are All Done!

as you can see this solar charger is very simple to make and working well

you can use this solar charger as power source too

I hope you like it

thank for reading


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    Dota 2B
    Dota 2B

    4 years ago

    Dude, i think u need to change the circuit, its bad to give charge to ion battery directly from the solar energy(also it's not regulat! u are putting ~6V to a battery that is supose to work with and clear imput 5v(use your dc boost) for that, also think that u're not regulating the energy that enter to the battery throug the solar panels! (come on you got the regulator use it well!!)). If i were u i'll change so that the solar imput go to the dc boost, and then from the out dc to the charger controled and then to battery, and also put the switch on the dc boost in(conect the battery) so that when u want to use the battery insted of solar energy. No aims to offends, just remember that li-on battery are unestable so if u not regulate well u can make an explotion o something else. Have a nice day!