This project features an artistic take on the classic shooting star. Follow these simple steps to create your own shooting star mobile with a genuine wooden frame, and your personal touches!

Step 1: Frame Set Up

-Cut 3 bamboo sticks to create a triangle

-Hammer out 6 paper clips, ensuring they are as flat as possible and shaping them to each corner

Step 2: Securing Frame Corners

-Hot glue one paper to each corner on both sides. This will hold the frame together

-Add any extra hot glue as necessary -Spray paint to your desired color, or keep it rustic and leave it plain

Step 3: Tie the Strings

-Using any kind of string you like, secure one end to each corner and connect them in the middle of the traingle

-Make sure you leave enough slack for it to hang

Step 4: Beadwork

-Wrap any kind of bead necklace you like around the outer frame

-Feel free to get creative and add your own personal touch!

Step 5: Create the Star

-Using more string, create a star shape string design within the center of the frame

Step 6: Mirrored Diamonds

-Tie strings hanging down vertically from the star

-Using mirrored paper, cut out diamond shapes (3-5)

-Hole punch the top of each diamond

-Tie the diamonds to the strings hanging from the star

-That's it! Enjoy!

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