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In this video I’ll be taking a look at Shopify for the first time and build this sample store. Before I get started, I want to thank Treesizeverse (Etsy Store) for letting me use the product photos for this video. You can download the assets above to follow along. Please note though that you’ll be downloading different set of photos but the image dimensions are same so you’ll have a good starting point.

This video will be split into 3-Steps

Step 1

  • Sign up for the 14 day free trial at
  • General Overview of the Shopify Home

Step 2

  • Import the Free Brooklyn Shopify theme

Step 3

  • Slideshow & ProductsUse CSV file to upload multiple products

Step 1: Go to Shopify Website

So here is the Shopify page and enter your email address here and click Get Started.

Step 2: Where Would You Like to Start Selling

It's going to ask where you like to start selling today, just check the box next to the Online Store and click Next.

Step 3: Tell Little Bit About Yourself

It's going to ask you to tell little bit about yourself. I'm just going to select I'm just playing around and $0 since I'm just getting started. Click Enter my store.

Step 4: Shopify Home

So this is the Shopify Home and where you'll be doing all the work. On your left is the navigation where you can access different sections of the Shopify admin. In the middle, you have few shortcuts to assist you in quickly getting your store up and running. Such as adding a product, selecting a theme, setting up a custom domain name. You can also buy and print USPS shipping labels right from your admin if you ship products yourself.

Step 5: Find Free Brooklyn Shopify Theme

Now we are going to install the free Brooklyn theme for Shopify. From the Shopify Home, go to online store > themes and click visit theme store on the top right corner. The one we want is right here, called Brooklyn. If you can't find this one, simply use the search box to find it.

Step 6: Install the Brooklyn Theme

Click Install Theme and Publish as my shop's theme to start the installation process. After thats done, click go to your theme manager. You should see "view your online store" if you hover your mouse over the screen here. Click to view the store. 
It looks a little bit different now and we have this slideshow to play around with. Let's go ahead and upload the first slideshow image.

Step 7: Customize Theme

From the Shopify Home, go to Online Store > Themes > Customize Theme

Step 8: Hero Slideshow

  • On the right, it gives us options to change different settings of the theme. Click home page - hero slideshow to upload the first slideshow image.
  • Make sure the box is checked next to the Enable slide 1. Says here to make sure the width of the image is 1200pixels wide. I've already prepped all the images using Adobe Photoshop, but you can also use Pixlr, which is a free online photo editor. You can check out my other tutorial on how to use the Pixlr. Click Replace to upload the first image. It will start the upload process. Once done you can see the preview on the left. The text is hard to see because it's black. You can simply change that by selecting Light under the text color. And it will update automatically, which is a nice little feature.
  • You can also preview your site in tablet & mobile device modes. Just click the monitor icon on the bottom left corner. So, here is the tablet mode, as you can see the theme is responsive. Meaning your online store will look great in any device. I'm going to change the subheading text to say "Handmade in Belgium" and enter "Waxed Canvas Backpack" in the Heading Text box. I'm now going to remove Featured Products as I don't want that shown in the Homepage. Click HomePage and choose None for Featured Products. Click save changes for the work we have done so far.

Step 9: Add Collection

I want to enter the names of the collection, just think of it as categories. If you look at the finished website, there are five collections. Rucksacks, Tote Bags, Messenger Bags, Leather Bags and Bicycle Bags. Let's enter Rucksacks first.

Step 10: Add First Product

  • I've gone ahead and uploaded the other four collections. Now go to the Products page and click add a product. I'm just going to enter Rucksack 001 as the title, and paste the description here. I'm going to select Rucksack as the collection. To upload the product images, I can simply drag the images from my computer over to the browser window here. Images can be rearranged by holding your mouse over the thumbnail and drag. I'm going to enter $199 as the price, you have the option to charge taxes on this product or not.
  • For Collections, choose Rucksacks. Click save product. Let's view the product from the online store.
  • We have successfully added our first product!

Step 11: CSV to Upload Multiple Products

  • Now, if you have hundreds of products, it can be a pain to manually add one by one. This is where the CSV file comes in handy. From the Products page (From the Shopify Home, go to Products > Products), you can download the CSV file template by clicking the Import. You can open this file from Google Spreadsheet. For this video I'm using Libre Office which is free to download. Here you can enter product name, description, image link and other fields. Make sure you have the product images already uploaded or in another server as it uses the image URL link.
  • Easiest way is to upload all the images in Shopify Home which will generate the link for each image. To do that, go to Settings > Files and click Upload Files. I'm going to select all the image files to upload.
  • After that's done, you can see all the image URLs here, which you can copy and paste in the CSV file.
  • Now let's go back to the product page to upload the CSV file. Click Import > Choose File > select the CSV file and Upload file. Click Start Import.

Step 12: View the Store Front

Let's check out the changes from the online store. Looks pretty good! I can click one of the featured collections to see the products. I have three products in leather bags. If I click one, it will go to the product page.If you haven't noticed, I've gone ahead and uploaded couple more slideshow images here (You can watch the video above for the other two slideshows).