Introduction: SIMPLE, EASY Honey Dipper on the Lathe

This easy honey dipper can be turned in a lathe in an afternoon, for someone who is just starting using a lathe.

Step 1: Materials

cylinder shaped wood (approx: 2-3cm) x1

Dowl (approx: 1cm) x1

Lathe tools x3

Hand saw x1

Mitre saw (optional) x1

Drill x1

Flat wood bit (approx: 13mm) x1

wood glue (NON-TOXIC) x1


Step 2: Cut the Ends

If you have the same cylinder shaped wood with handles, like the one I have, cut the handles off. To prepare for the next step find the centre of the wood and put it on the lathe

Step 3: The Type of Lathe Tools

Use the tools shown above

Step 4: Turn the Bottom,Dipping Piece.

Your lathe sould look slightly like this one, use a 4 prong spur driver

Step 5: Honey Dipping End

Using the lathe and tools turn the wood into this shape

Step 6: Make the Hole

Drill a hole in one of the ends on the honey dipper using the flat wood bit

Step 7: Cut the Handle

Use a mitre saw or a hand saw to cut the handle to YOUR desired length

Step 8: Finishing Off

Put the handle in the sanded hole that you made earlier and glue it using non toxic wood glue.

Step 9: Clamp It!

Now put it in a clamp and wait for it to dry!

Step 10: Finished

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