Introduction: SIR (Sight Impairment Replicators)

Sight Impairment Replicators (SIR) are a way for people that are becoming visually impaired to learn how their blindness will affect them in the future. The googles should be able to block out all light and create a near-perfect darkness for the user. These Replicators should be able to help people going blind in the future. It could also be used to help train guide-dogs for the blind.

Step 1: Materials

  • Chemistry goggles
  • Duct Tape
  • Black Paint
  • Colorful Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • 3-D Printer
  • Filament
  • Felt

Step 2: Building the First Prototype

  1. Get the chemistry goggles and the duct tape.
  2. Cover the front of the goggles with duct tape so you can't see any holes in it.
  3. Cover the sides.
  4. Cover the inside of the goggles. This will be the hardest part.
  5. Make sure there are no clear spots left remaining. If there are, cover them up.
  6. Add another layer of tape to the inside of the googles to make sure it is pitch black.
  7. Try on the goggles and make sure they fit with tape on it. If you see through any part, apply tape. You want a sense of nothingness when you look through the goggles.

Step 3: Making the Second Prototype

  1. Remove the duct tape from the goggles.
  2. Prepare black paint for use.
  3. Apply the black paint using a paint brush to the front and sides of the goggles. Make sure to apply a thick coat otherwise you will be able to see through it.
  4. Allow the paint on the front to dry.
  5. When the paint on the front is done, duct tape this inside with duct tape. It will make it more comfortable and darker. Make sure that you can't see through the goggles.
  6. Take some felt, and apply it so you can't see under the nose piece. Tape it with duct tape or hot glue. This felt will also help with comfort.
  7. Go back to the front of the goggles and make sure there are no spots. If there are, apply some more black paint to the front.

Step 4: Making Your Product Aesthetically Pleasing

  1. Make sure the black paint is dry and the inside is completely dark.
  2. Prepare colorful paint.
  3. Use a paintbrush and create any design you want with the colorful pain on the front of the goggles. It should not change how you look through the goggles.
  4. Allow the paint to dry.
  5. Add anything else to the front you would want (logos, pictures, etc.)