Introduction: SMD to Breadboard/DIP Connector

Hello, in this project i want to show you how to build a SMD to DIP connector, which can also used on breadboards.
Often you have smd parts, which you want to use in normal circuits, but there is mostly no chance to connect them...
so why not use a connector. :)

Step 1: Part List

What you need:

SMD parts
pieces of circuit board
pins with a diameter of 1mm


soldering iron
"third hand"

Step 2: Cut Circuit Board

Now we have to cut the circuit board into pieces which fit to the components.
For this we need the SMD part which we want to solder and lay it on the backside of the board, then we draw where we want to cut.
We have to cut around the part, for each out/input of the SMD part we need an own hole and additional hole for the pin to the Breadboard.
Draw where to cut and cut it with a cutter knife out.

!!!be carefull dont cut yourself!!!

additional we can arrows the edge, to make it more soft and round cornered.

Step 3: Solder First Side

Now solder one side of the SMD part, this is difficult, because its a very small component.

How do I do it:

I add first a little bit solder to the circuit board, the i lay the component on the solder, and heat it shortly until the solder went liquid.
sofortly when the SMD component stick into the solder i remove the coil and wait until the solder is fixed.

You dont need to do it like this, may you have better techniques then me.

!!! Dont burn yourself, the SMD component gets hot VERY fast !!!

!!! dont heat too mutch, the SMD part may get destroyed !!!

Step 4: Solder Seccond Side!

This is mutch easier,  you can use now the "third hand", because the SMD part is now fixed to the circuit board.

Just attach the circuit board to the "third hand" and solder the seccond side

!!! also here dont heat too mutch, the SMD part can break or the other solder gets liquid again !!!

Step 5: Attaching the Pins!

Now we have to attach and solder the pins, on each In/Outputt of the SMD part we need 1 pin.

Just plug them from the other side of the circuit board throught it.
Now add solder to the circuit boardto fix them!

Step 6: Final Connecting

Now we only need to connect to pins to the In/Outputts of the SMD part, for this we use solder.

Step 7: Fin

We are Finished! yay!

Thank you for reading!
Commentating is allowed! ;)

Additional Ideas:

You can make a "block system" with many blocks like led blocks, resistor blocks, and mutch more, for Kids to learn electronics

you can also use normal electronic parts like IC´s to make them fit to a Breadboard!

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