Introduction: SOLAR Night + Bright Light and Charging

Hello Instructors

Electricity from solar cell a grate gift of our genius inventors,by there blessing we are able to make our day and night brighter and comfortable.This instruct able is all about solar powered bright light with multi functionalities.It is powered by broken solar pv panel, rechargable batteries ,leds,boost converter,all packed in a tiny box except pv panel,as per need it will work as night lamp as well turn in to bright flash light witch is really helpfull. It save electricity that consumed by 10w night lamps and really a cheap device u can make with in house old electronics devices.So lets make it>>>>>>>>>>

Step 1: Get These Spare Parts:)

Solar Panel 3V,9W or 6V,1W(broken panel also works)

DC-DC buck converter 12-5V or dc mobile charger

DC male female power socket(salvage from any electronic device,i used nokia charging pin & socket)

Mobile lipo battery 3.7V

3 pole switch

1 blue led

4 white Leds

resistor 10 ohm

any transparent box

Step 2: Prepare Battery,switch,led and Box

Plug your soldering iron to be hot and start with soldering wire to battery terminal,make sure the polarity must correct otherwise wrong connection make be hazardous because lipo batteries are explosive,so double check the +ve and -ve terminals ,usually there are three terminal in mobile battery and almost every one mention its polarity even you can check through multi meter and get sure.

Here i'm using a 4 led panel removed from a torch it has on board battery connection switch connection so connect as it is or go with the circuit diagram

solder wire to the 3 pole switch

Step 3: Prepare the Box

make holes as per in and out sockets, in my design, 4 hole for the led panel ,2 holes on sdie for switch and dc power socket.Place a plastic SIM card cover with a screw on back side of box it will work as a hanger to hang the box it is flat so it will adjust on box when not in use

Step 4: Make Connection As Per Diagram

i used a rechargeable torch circuit, it has on board connection terminal for battery and switch so its quite easy for connection but you can make connection as per diagram on general purpose pcb

Step 5: Place Complete Circuit in Box

glue the switch and dc female socket in box,stick the battery and led panelswitch

Step 6: Connection to Panel

connect the output of solar panel to the dc mobile charger or to the dc-dc buck convert input,then the male charging pin to the dc female socket of light box and get ready to place the solar panel in sun,charge it in day and get ready to bright it in night

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