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today we are going to be making a super healthy breaky juice ,

the ingredients are

  • 2 table spoons of flax seeds
  • watermellon
  • 5 small strawberries
  • one small chopped apple
ok lets get started!

Step 1: Mix It All Together

ok so i use a nutribullet witch is realy good for juices , but u can use any blender.

make sure you leave it in the blender until you cant see and flax seeds.

HEALTH benifets

  • flax seeds - omega 3 fatty acids , and ALOT of fibre
  • strawberry-top 10 antioxedents ,helps allergies
  • water melon-vitemans antioxadents

Step 2: ENJOY

this is a realy healthy juice that you can have everyday , i hope you liked this quick instructable and please make sure to fav and vote as it encourages me to make more instructables.

be sure to ask any comments as i should get back to u fast.

have fun and stay healthy

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