SUPERCHEAP Cover for Tablet, Ebook Reader

Introduction: SUPERCHEAP Cover for Tablet, Ebook Reader

Superlowcost cover idea for everything you need.

I spent no money on it because I found everything in my house... unused.

Step 1: Materials, Tools and Instruction


- plastic foam sheet, choose the one you like.

- 2 pieces of string


- scissor

- your hands

Let's do this:

- Cut a pieces of foam sheet big enough to cover your object

- Make 2 holes on the right and on the left edge

- Take the 2 pieces of string and fix it in the holes using a simple knote (burning a little bit the knot will help you)

- ...

- Profit.

Step 2: Final Consideration

Maybe it's not the best cover possibile. The ebook reader it's not fixed inside, it can slide and fall. My fist aim is to make something cheap and simple and to protect from other falling object or to bring your object with you or in your backpack.

I use it for my Nexus 7 and my ebook reader (same dimension more or less) and works great.

It was a 5-minute-justwokeup idea and realization, this is why is so simple and kinda unfinished.

Feel free to use it, modify it, upgrade it (I think the project is so simple the every change will be an upgrade :v) but please, SHARE IT!

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