Introduction: Safe + Secure Bathroom Cabinet

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2 Factor Authentication

something you know and something you have!

WAIT THIS IS A BATHROOM CABINET!!!!! Exactly not the first place I would look for valuables. All part of the layered security I have included in this build. I truly hope you enjoy the process as much as I did building it!

This farmhouse sliding barn door bathroom cabinet with COOL secret storage will be able to hold what ever you can think of.

Step 1: Tools and Material.

white paintable caulk cost 1.78

white paint cost 4.69

3m safety latch cost 8.99

1 stair tread 1 inch by 37 inches

2 1x4x10

1 48x48 1/4 inch plywood

1 inch brad nails

1- 4x8 sheet of plywood

1- 1x2x8

poket hole screws

#20 biscuits


table saw


miter saw

brand nailer

gearbest paint sprayer

paint brushes

caulk gun


router table

router bits


kreg jig


biscuit joiner

Step 2: Cut List


2 side cut at 3/4 inch ply 10" by 40"

3 shelves 10" by 33 1/2

2 6"x 33 1/2 for the top braces

1- 6" x 32 top frame

1- 1x4x 33 1/2 bottom brace

cut a strip of 3/4 ply at 45 degree angle this will be used at the cleat in the back

Stiles and rails do these after you do the box to get the exact fit you want and desire


1x2x15 1/4




i used a stair tread it work great i routed the top to match on all side using a round over bit

back panel

I used 2 pieces i had laying around and just match the cuts so they would land in the middle of one of the shelves


5- 1x4x34 1/4

Secret security door

1/4 inch ply cut at

7x32 1/4 this give you a little space on each side so it will fall down

1x2 for the frame i will go into more detail when we get there

Step 3: Build Cabinet

I found the idea for this project on the inter web and I made my modification to there plan and will show you through the process.

The first change to the cabinet came with mounting this to the wall as you can see the list of materials this cabinet it going to be large and heavy so I move the back pieces in 3/4 of an inch to allow for a french cleat to be mounted to the wall for easy installation.

Use pocket hole jig to secure the sides and tops together. there are tons of site and videos on building a cabinet so i will not go into to much detail on it

Step 4: Attach the Stiles and Rails to the Cabinet

I spaced the shelves 10" apart

Again this step is the same for any cabinet build i used the pocket hole method to attach the stiles and rails.

Step 5: Router the Edges

I played around and decided on this for my edges this is a personal preference so have fun with the design

Step 6: Secret Door TIME!!!!

  1. cut the the bottom of the secret compartment at 1/4 inches smaller then the inside of the box.
  2. cut 1x2x32 with a 45 degree angle this will allow the secret door to fall down with out getting caught.
  3. now just frame the door with 1x2 i put a 45 on the ends and slid them into place

Step 7: SECRET Special Door Continued

Frame the door using glue and brads to hold it together .

Step 8: Cut a Space for the Lock

I used 3m child locks for this project I cut the space in the middle so it would be hidden from view.

as you can see in the second pictre the adhesive was not strong enough to hold it so i added screws on either side to hold it in place being careful not to go thru the 1x4 ply

Step 9: Add Hinges and Put It in Place

I added 2 simple small hinges on the back of the door

Now slide the door in from one side. NOTE if you make the door to big it wont fit lol i had to take mine out and trim it down so it would fit so the 1/4 inch on each side is a must

i push the door up and got the location to for the second piece of the 3 m latch. this kit came with a mounting kit helper but it would not work for this application so it might take a couple tries to get it in the right spot.

Step 10: Test It Out

So i figured out it the mechanism is not strong enough to open with out pushing it up just a bit. so to open the door you must know where the key is and also know where to place it to get in side

BOOM 2 factor authentication on a bathroom cabinet!!!! simple awesome

Step 11: Time to Finish the Project

caulk is my friend any bad non straight cut is now hidden by the beautiful seamless caulk!

Step 12: Build the Door

this could easily be done with pocket holes but i got a biscuit jointer for a steal at a yard sale and wanted to try it!

Step 13: Add Trim

I made my own trim from 1x4 and some router bits. I am just to cheap to go by it. But also to lazy to try and make my own barn door hardware???? I am weird but maybe another instructable in my future.

Step 14: Sand and Paint

I used a Gear best paint sprayer i got online for less than 20 bucks!! it works great

and for sanding i used a orbital sander for the cabinet and also used a belt sander on the door.

Step 15: Stain

I didn't use any stain I just put clear coat of poly on the door

Step 16: Add Barn Door Hardware

Step 17: Mount Using French Cleat!!

this was the best idea of the whole instructable in my eyes this is a beast of a cabinet and super heavy. i was able to mount this by myself!

Step 18: Hang the Door

This is really easy barn door just sets on the rail.

Step 19: The Secret Door

You can not see this with out really looking hard, and like i said in the intro who is looking for a secret door in a bath room cabinet???

Step 20: Finished!!!

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