Introduction: Sail Boat Baby Wooden Toy

I was wondering what gift to make to my little nephew!!! I decided to make a wooden toy and after some googling and inspiration i ended up with a sail boat for babies!!!

It has a mirror sticker where he can see his face and the reflections of light!

Also a small piece of wood which is rotatable and makes sound and the baby can play with it!!

A perfect gift for babies 0-3 years old!!

Step 1: Materials & Tools


A piece of soft wood (in my case a used pine wood) : 220x180x18 mm

The boat is:135x45x18mm

The sail is: 70x75x18mm

A small piece of MDF : 30x30x6 mm

Mirror sticker approximately 35x35mm


Jig Saw

Wood Drill bits: (Φ4,5mm , Φ12mm)

Spade paddle flat or Forstner bit : Φ25mm or Φ35mm (depending on how big do you want the sticker to be)

Hole saw bit: Φ23mm

1x Φ5mm wooden dowel : 40mm

2x Φ5 wooden dowel : 20mm

Primer (based on water so as to be suitable for baby toys)

Wood oil (based on water)

Wood paintings (based on water) with colours of your choice (In my case I choose blue and red)

Wood glue

Sand papers of 120, 220, 450, 800grits

Pyrography or Carving tools

Step 2: Cutting & Making the Outer Shape of Sail Boat

Attach safely the piece of pine wood and make first some holes Φ12mm so as to have some space for the jig saw to enter and remove the rest material

Attention! : When drilling put a spare wood under the holes in order not to damage the bottom surface of the hole.

Cut the outer shape of the boat and the sail with the jig saw

Also with the hole saw bit cut the circular piece from the MDF

Step 3: Making the Centre Hole

With the use of a spade or forstner drill bit make the centre hole.

At first i made a 25mm hole at about 2mm depth. But it seems to me small , so i used a 35mm spade drill bit which seemed a lot better.

Step 4: Drilling and Making the Fits

To make the fittings:

Drill the Φ4,5mm holes as shown in the pictures above.

Attention! : 1)The centre hole must NOT reach the bottom of the boat

2) The outer two holes must NOT reach the space for the round part

Step 5: Sanding and Painting

Sanding and preparation of final painting:

Sand all the pieces with the sand papers starting from 120grit to 800 grit until it has a nice and smooth surface.

Attach the 2 small dowels at the sail and glue them with the wood glue.

Polish the boat with the wood oil.

Paint the sail and the round piece with the primer which reinforces the adhesion of the final paint.

Sand slightly all the pieces again.

Repeat the polish and primer process.

Final painting:

Paint the parts at the color of your choice and repeat the process at least 2 times. (In my case I paint them 3 times)

Step 6: Mirror Sticker

Cut a nice circle at about 2mm less than the drill you used. (I used a Φ35mm drill bit, so i cut a Φ33mm sticker).

Put some glue at the sail follow the instructions of the glue you use and glue the mirror sticker.

Repeat it also for the other side .

Step 7: Pyrography or Carving Tools

With a pyrography tool or carving tools, draw the name of your sail boat!!

Step 8: Let Babies Enjoy It!!

Give it to a baby and let it play with it!!!

Let it be excited with the reflections of the mirror sticker and the rotation of the centre piece!

PS. My nephew liked it a lot!! So i believe that it is a worth working project!! ;)

If you like it please vote for it at the contest!

Thank you!

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