Introduction: Salt Baked Chicken

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Step 1: Pick Out a Whole Chicken

Prep your chicken... I put a clove if garlic, half an onion and celery inside the chicken. I also made a rub of rosemary and spicy brown mustard and I finish the seasoning with great lemon juice, then you can throw in the lemon with the rest of stuffing. Line your pan with comes the fun part

Step 2: Mix Salt and Eggs

Season salt however you like. I just used pepper. Get 2 big boxes of kosher salt. Use 2 eggs for 2 boxes or 1 egg for 1 boxed pending on your chicken size!! Mix in egg(s) until you reach a damp sand consistency. Line your pan with a salt layer...don't be shy with it you should have plenty! Place your chicken on top of the layer of salt, then pour remainder of salt on top and around chicken. Cover WHOLE CHICKEN!!everything!!Make sure you pack it on to create a tight barrier.

Step 3: Wrap With Foil

Bake at 350... Time depends on how may lbs chicken is. I would bake an extra 30 mins on top of cook time. When it's done take out of oven and drop onto counter to break open the shell the egg and salt created. Remove salt shell. Now, I know how everyone loves the skin, but in this case the skin protects the meat from a strong salt shell, underneath skin will be the juiciest chicken! The salt creates no way for the moister in the chicken to cook out! Simply marvelous!!!

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