Introduction: Salt and Pepper Potato Chips

A delicious and fun recipe for making salt and pepper potato chips!

Step 1: Buy Your Potatoes.

I recommend Yukon Gold or Russet potatoes. Organic potatoes are more expensive than non-organic potatoes, but they don't have pesticides on them. Get a bag of at least five potatoes if you want to make a decent amount of crisps.

Step 2: Peel the Potatoes.

Try not to peel a lot of the potato off. There might be some mini sprouts coming out of the potatoes. If that's true, either plant the potatoes or cut them off in the process.

Step 3: Cut the Potatoes.

Try to cut the potatoes as thin as possible, and the more even the crisps are, the better they cook. Also, don't cut them too thin, or they will cook faster than the rest, resulting in burnt crisps.

Step 4: Soaking the Potato Slices.

Soaking your potato slices removes the starch, resulting in more crispy chips. Soak the potato slices for thirty to sixty minutes. I soaked mine for thirty minutes or less because my dad said it would be okay. But the chips came out a liiiitle soggy. I do not know if the cause was that or the unevenness of the chips. Note the milky water. The water gets milky because the starch is coming out of the slices.

Step 5: Frying and Seasoning the Slices.

After you soak the slices, put them on a overlapped paper towel and pat them dry. I fried my crisps in Trader Joe's 100% canola oil. Wait till the slices are golden brown and take them out. Like drying them, put them on a overlapped piece of paper towel and pat them dry. I also used Maldon salt which you have to crush in your fingers. Put them in a bowl and put the salt and pepper on.

Step 6: ENJOY!

Step 7: Optional: Add Vinegar to the Chips

If you want to make your chips vinegar chips, you will have to buy vinegar powder. If you can't find the powder, use liquid vinegar. That idea will make your chips a little bit soggy.