Introduction: Samara Out of the Ground

Things you need to get Samara crawling out of the ground:

* Iron wire

* Enough paper (preferably recycled like old newspaper)

* Wallpaper glue

* Balloon for the head

Step 1: The Frame

First start with the frame:

If you want real-life size, use your own hands as an example.

Take ENOUGH of the wire and make the outlines of your hands. To start it might be easier to make flat hands.

to make the fingers round, make cylindrical rounds which you can pull out later en put around the fingers. Always make sure to have enough wire to make it join the wires to get it more firm.

Step 2: Start Covering With Paper

If you have the glue ready it is time to get gooey.

The best way to do it, is to just use your hands. Just smear it on the paper.

The beginning is a bit hard but it gets easier along the way.

The best way is to do some layers and let it dry until you go on.

The more layers, the stronger it will get.

To make it even more firm, put in pieces of toilet rolls or other thin carton between the paper layers.

Step 3: Make the Head

The next step is the head.

Blow up a balloon the size you want to.

Start covering it with paper as you did with the hand.

With small pellets you can form the face, but always cover it with layers again so it will get firm.

Step 4: Completing the Frame

To make the rest of the frame, use the same principles as the hand.

Step 5: Cover Everything With Paper

Step 6: Make Sure Everthing Sticks

To make the loose parts stick better together, use iron wire.

Cover it with paper or the thin carton after.

Step 7: Last Layer

The last layer before paint.

To get the best result, cover the last layer with white paper. This way you don't need a lot of paint.

This makes the paint look more equal too.

Step 8: Paint Away

Paint it the creepiest way you can imagine.

After that varnish it so it can withstand some rain.

Step 9: Add a Wig

It looks a hell of a lot scarier with a black wig..

Step 10: Put Her in the Yard

Put some leaves around her so it just looks like she is crawling out of the ground.. preferably in your front yard..

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