Santa Hat Ornament

Introduction: Santa Hat Ornament

Step 1: Materials

You need
about 35 bands
a hook
a loom

And if your making it into an ornament;
A paper clip
Pliers (or your fingers)
And something sharp enough to cut through the paperclip

Step 2: Laying the Bands

Place your bands as shown in the picture remember that you're using two bands for the red part of your hat.

Step 3: Almost Done With Laying Your Bands

After this step move onto using white bands.

Step 4: 3 Bands

Now take three white bands and lay as shown.

Step 5: Cap Band

This is what your hat should look like now add a cap band onto the middle peg.

Step 6: Looping

Now loop as shown in the pictures. Be very careful with your bands.

Step 7: The Pompom

Take a band and twist it unto your hook twice do this five Times so that you have five cap bands on your hook. Then pull them into two red bands

Step 8: Attaching Your Pompom

Lift the last bands OFF your loom and pull one side of your pompom through and then place it back unto the pin. Grab the two bottom bands and pull them over the other two and just let go of them. Then grab your other two bands and pull them over your pompom.

Step 9: Take It Off

Take It off with your hook. Now if your happy with just a hat charm then your done but it'd you want an ornament then keep on going.

Step 10: The Ornaments Hook

Bend the paperclip as shown and push it through two of the bands that are in the pompom. Bend it over to the other side and clip off the long edge.

Step 11: The Best Part...

Now put it into your Christmas tree☺!

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