Introduction: Saruman's Wooden Staff

Ever since watching The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, I have always wanted to own my own prop or replica. But with prices exceeding $400 dollars or more, owning one was not an option. But with much motivation and hard work, I finally decided to create a little prop of my own. Since I had tools and wood on hand, I made Saruman's Staff, which is crafted from solid wood and it houses a glass marble. It is a very interesting piece that took alot of dedication and hard work. But it pain off, and I am very happy with the outcome. In this Instructable, I will explain the process of making this masterpiece and hoping that you will make your own. Let's start!

Step 1: Making Measurements

With a pen and a ruler, make a symmetrical cross. Each shape should be equal and should be exactly same.

Step 2: Sawing and Chiseling

With the saw, cut the wood accordingly to the drawing. I'm sorry I didn't include any real pictures. Repeat this on all sides. With the chisel, hammer out all four pieces. They will fall out, but they probably won't leave a perfectly clean area. That's fine because it can be fixed easily.

Step 3: Design and Cut

Draw the triangles with a pen. Following the lines, cutout the triangles with the hack saw, cutting them from all sides.

Step 4: Break the Middle Piece

After cutting the triangles out, you are left with a sort of rectangular prism in the middle. With a chisel and hammer, break the piece. This will be pretty easy, and remove the pieces out.

Step 5: Drill

Drill a hole where you drew the circle. Go through, drilling two holes, one next to each other, so each side has a hole in it. Drill directly to the other side. That may have been confusing, so refer to the image above.

Step 6: Get Out the Scalpel

With the scalpel, shave the crown pieces till they are thin. Repeat on all sides. It will start getting more form and look more realistic to the movie.

Step 7: Flatten Edges

The edges cut out with the scalpel will be really rough so with a Dremel, sand the rough sides as best as you can. Try sanding in the hole to get it pretty smooth as well.

Step 8: Making Measurements and Adding Mods

Measure the marble and make adjustments to the crown. The pieces of the crown should be a little pointy looking so try to make them skinnier.

Step 9: Saw It Off

With the saw attachment of the Dremel, cut off the lines on the crown you made. Don't start cutting into the circle just yet.

Step 10: Drawing the Design and Filing

Draw out the design and make sure it is proportionate and accurate. With a file, sand down the sides as well be cause the crown pieces should be thin, but not breakable.

Step 11: File the Hole

Using a circular file, file down the hole and make it smooth. It should have a nice look, and it should be carved out just like how the you drew on it.

Step 12: Carving the Shape

The shape that you drew in step ten on the wood will be an outline where to carve. Using the scalpel and Dremel, carve out the shape following the line and try to make it as nice as possible.

Step 13: Drilling

Use a drill bit that matches the size of your dowel. It has to match so that the dowel is tight and snug. Drill a little deep but very far from drilling to the other side.

Step 14: Make Sure the Dowel Fits

If you choose the right drill, which you should have, the dowel will have a really tight fit. It won't be loose or feel wobbly.

Step 15: Sanding... With the Dremel

It is important to keep sanding the Dremel. You want absolutely no imperfections. You will be able to see if if you paints it. Keep sanding to get it to a smooth look.

Step 16: Drawing and Cutting

Just like in step 10, draw the design out on the wood. Just like in step twelve, carve it out using a scalpel and a Dremel. You want to give it almost a round look around the hole you drilled.

Step 17: Cleaning and Filing

With the Dremel, sand along the edges of the crown to give it a sharp look. Almost like a sword. Also, keep sanding the sides with the Dremel to give it a nice clean feel. With a file, file the sides to give it a good clean.

Step 18: Cutting the Dowel

The length of the dowel really depends on your preference and your perspective on the actual replica. Cut as you wish the length to be. After cutting, round the tip that won't go in. It will add a nice effect.

Step 19: Assembly

Try to assemble all the pieces together. Once you put the marble inside, the crown pieces will hose it securely, but you can remove it quite easily. Fit the dowel in as well. Try playing around with it and see how you like it.

Step 20: Sanding... Again

There will appear to be 'fuzz' on the wood and with sandpaper, you can get them out. With light pressure go in a circular motion on the wood so that the 'fuzz will be removed. This takes alot of time and effort, but it's better to do a good job then a half-job.

Step 21: Glue It

Get the glue and spread it on the tip of the cut dowel. Carefully insert it without getting glue outside of the hole. Let dry for a few minutes. The stick will keep its place however, and won't fall out.

Step 22: Take Some Action Shots

If you like it how it is, take some cool pictures of it. If you want to take it to the next level, read on to the next step to get it to that dark, black color.

Step 23: Paint It Black

Before starting to paint, make sure the marble isn't in the staff. Coat the staff with a coat of primer. Then paint it with a few coats of black spray paint. Let dry. If you are using a matte finish, the staff should be able to "use" after ten minutes. It may take a few days if you paint with a glossy black. If you touch it before it fully dries, your fingerprints will stay on the paint. It may take three-four days before you can touch it.

Step 24: Done

If you put a 100 percent hard work and effort into this project, it will come out better than expected. I hoped you enjoyed making this and if you really liked it, please vote for it in the Fandom Contest! Thank you for your support.

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