Sausage Gravy

Introduction: Sausage Gravy

This is a very delicious comfort food that I like to make on a weekend for brunch. In my intro picture is my leftover gravy that I used to cover my zucchini /cheese omelette and it was so divine! I have enjoyed it on mashed potatoes as well. What sets my gravy apart from a lot of others is that I do not add milk and flour into the sausage after it's done cooking. I have tried it before and found that it is too greasy and not really enough to go around. Please give my recipe a try and enjoy. You may use whatever type of ground sausage you like, I use regular and you can use real butter in place of margarine, I have done both.

Step 1: Recipe & Directions

4 C whole milk
1 stick margarine (cut into pieces for faster melting)
1/2 C flour
1 lb ground sausage
Salt and pepper to taste

*Pre measure your ingredients to make it easier.* Over medium high heat cook the sausage until no longer pink and it should be crumbly. You will need to constantly stir and break it up. Drain well and set aside.
Over medium high heat melt the margarine and then gradually add flour using a fork to blend together. It will be a thick but smooth consistency with a blonde color. Immediately start adding milk but only a small amount at a time. Use the fork or a wire whisk and vigorously mix together with the flour butter mixture. As it thickens add more milk. This is the process where you don't want to get impatient because if you add all the milk at one time, there will be lumps...lumpy gravy is gross. Now after you have added all of your milk, add the sausage and continue to stir until desired thickness. Use salt and pepper sparingly and give it a taste test. I try to be careful so that others can decide how much they need for their own preference. Serve immediately over biscuits, toast, eggs, potatoes or anything that sounds good!

Step 2: Conclusion

This gravy is always a huge hit with my husband and little ones and like I said, the left overs are a treat as well. Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

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