Introduction: Sausage Pancakes

Have you ever had a plate of pancakes and sausage where the ratio of pancakes to sausage was all wrong. You cut the pancakes and sausage into appropriate sized bites, so that each forkful contains some sweet pancake with syrup and a little spicy salty sausage. I call this the perfect bite (PB). You get near the end and realize there will not be enough sausage to finish the pancakes. Then in a desperate attempt to avoid plain sweet bite (PSB) you ration the sausage leading to completely unfulfilling slightly not salty enough bites (SNSEB). Sure a rational person would just get up and get more sausage, but I am not that guy.

This is my solution to that problem. I searched before writing this Instructable, because I couldn't have been the first person to try and solve this problem. I am also lazy and hoped someone had saved me the trouble of writing this. Unfortunately, it falls on me to bring balance to the breakfast fork. So here is a simple combo to ensure every bite has the correct amount of flavors.

Side note: If you had published an Instructable with something similar, but misspelled pancake or sausage or worse yet conflated them into some terrible new name like pansages then slap the link in the notes below and everyone will know of your superior, but slightly whiny nature.

Step 1: Cook the Sausage and Make Some Pancake Batter

I just used a pan to cook the sausage. The only thing I would add is that you shouldn't over cook the sausage. The browning will happen later. Browning it now will lead to very hard crispy sausage. It's not bad; it's just not as good.

I have no batter recipe for you. There are a lot of those on this site. Find one you like and I am confident it will work in this situation.

The day I made these, I used a thinner batter with an extra egg. That is how my wife likes them. My kids prefer a waffle batter pancake where you whip the egg whites before folding them into the batter. This makes a nice airy pancake. They also like German pancake, but that is entirely different and not appropriate for this recipe.

Snobby Declaration: While it is possible that mix pancakes will work for this recipe, I say don't risk it. Pancakes have like 6 ingredients in them and require no special equipment or skills, unless you consider a bowl special equipment.

Important note: While most everyone will eat whatever pancakes you put in front of them, they all harbor a preference. For the first few years of marriage, I would make classic fluffy pancakes. My wife was too polite to share her deep desire for eggy thin pancakes and had to choke down what was provided. After years of this mistreatment, she politely mentioned how much she enjoyed the middle ground between pancakes and crepes.

It rocked my confidence and I began to question all her earnest seeming declarations of love. After some time I managed to put my life back together and now one in four pancake days are devoted to her Dr. Moreau hybrid pancakes.

Step 2: Get to Combining

I start out by heating my griddle up. A medium to low fire seems to give enough time to cook the middles before the outside burns. If you don't have a fancy square griddle you can cook them one at a time in a round pan... or use two pans.

Lay down some batter. Make the pancakes a little smaller than you want them. The batter will spread out a little when you add the sausage.

Then sprinkle on some sausage. Make sure you can see some batter between the sausage crumble. Too much is not your friend here. Remember, we are trying to achieve balance not the Meatsa Meatsa version of a pancake.

Flip the pancake when the bottom is nicely browned. Let the Sausage side cook until the sausage is browned up and the pancake looks solid.

Step 3: Serve

I like to serve these pancakes with syrup and butter. This really accentuates the sausage flavor. Remember grade B maple is where the flavor is. As they say in Vermont "Grade A is for tourists and grade B is breakfast". They also say things like "I couldn't live in the south, because I would miss the seasons ". So, maybe they are not to be trusted with rational thought.

Of course I don't just slap a chunk of butter on the pancakes and pour on some syrup. This could lead to all manor of flavor inconsistencies. I forgot to take pictures of this step, but it's fairly simple. Pour out a half cup or so of syrup and drop in a few tablespoons of butter. Heat and mix.

Pour on a good amount of syrup mix and serve.

Snobby Answer: Can you use flavored corn syrup AKA Mrs. Log Cabin? Sure, you can pour that on here, but it will not be as good. While maple syrup is a little pricey it's worth the extra dollar or two it adds to this meal. It also helps support the people of Vermont, it's not like they can sell the snow.

Side Note: Don't eat this everyday. My family trains all week on a steady diet of oatmeal and sawdust so our bodies can take the cholesterol carb hit. You have been warned.