Save Flappy the Bird Legos

Introduction: Save Flappy the Bird Legos

HELP! Flappy the bird broke his wing. Help him get off the lighthouse by building him a raft and get him to his tropical palm tree home.

Materials you will need:

One entire lego set.

Save Flappy the Bird Team Bio:

Alina Pappas
Alina is a junior undergraduate majoring in Accounting in the Whitman School of Management and minoring in Political Science in the Maxwell School of Public Policy at Syracuse University. After she graduates in 2016 she hopes to pursue her MA in Accounting for one year in order to complete the 150 credit hour requirement to sit for the CPA exam. At SU, she is an active member of the Delta Gamma sorority and has spent two years on the SU dance team where she competed in the 2013 NDA Collegiate Championships with the team in Daytona, Florida. This summer Alina returned to her hometown in Pittsburgh, PA where she volunteered over 100 hours at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and interned at a local mortgage bank, Victorian Finance.

Tian L. Jiang
Tianis currently a senior majoring in Retail Management and Supply Chain management at Syracuse University. On campus, Tian is the Master of Rituals of Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity and one of two project leaders for3fifteen-eBay. In the fall semester of 2013, she studied abroad in Hong Kong, China. During her time there, she was exposed to multiple cultures and had many eye-opening experiences. Most of Tian’s retail experiences come from Zara and Duane Reade by Walgreens. At Zara, Tian gained hands-on experience as a sales associate in the women’s department. Her work in the sales floor helped her acquire knowledge about retail store operations and strategies of fast fashion. As a community Management Intern at Duane Reade by Walgreens in the summer of 2014, Tian was able to learn about a whole different market of retail; which is retail pharmacy.

Kathryn M. Nicusanti
Kathryn received her high school degree from Mount Saint Mary Academy, in Watchung NJ in 2012. She is starting her third year of her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Syracuse University and plans on graduating in 2016. Most of Kathryn’s education here at SU consists of Art History courses and extensive studio classes in the fine arts. As an upcoming junior she interned atMinasyani a fine jewelry design company and designer in NYC. She plans on continuing her education at SU focusing on jewelry design courses as well as textiles and other areas in the fine arts. Kathryn also has her own line of jewelry on Etsy,Boho Revival she, creates and sells her own designs. She plans on going abroad in the Spring of 2015 to Florence, Italy for SU’s study abroad program where she hopes to dive deeper into her Art History major.

Ethan H. Hill
Ethan is striving for his BS degree in Chemical Engineering at Syracuse University’s L.C. Smith College and plans to graduate spring of 2016. His experience in writing includes required high school courses and required college courses as well as a brief stint writing for the Buffalo News’ “NeXt section”, a section specifically for high school writers. He also spent four years as a member of the Scholastic News Kid’s Press Corps. As a member of the SNKPC he covered many events including the NBA conference Finals, NBA Finals, the Democratic Presidential Debate in Cleveland, Ohio between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and movie sets/premieres. Ethan played basketball for his school from fourth grade to senior year spending two years on varsity. He also enjoys playing and watching basketball in his free time, his favorite team is the OKC Thunder.

Timothy Wong
Tim is a senior majoring in Information Technology and Management at Syracuse University. He is from New York City and he enjoys playing basketball and baseball as he is a Yankee’s Fan. In the summer, he went to a Yankee’s game as this season is Derek Jeter’s last season he will be his last season playing baseball. In the summer, he also worked atVillage Party Store and also went to Toronto for vacation. His Professional goals is to become an Information Technology Manager or a Database Administrator. He hopes to get a job in a big company, such as Google because of their laidback and relaxed workplace. He has experience with lots of different technology as he is an Information Technology and Management major and also knows java C++, which is coding that can be applied to different platforms.

Step 1: Lego Pieces You Will Need to Make the Lighthouse.

  • six 4 x 2 red legos
  • four 4 x 2 white legos
  • four 2 x 2 red legos
  • four 2 x 2 white legos
  • 2 clear circular legos
  • 2 yellow multi attachable legos

Step 2: Step 1

Lay two red rectangles side by side then add two white rectangles side by side, on top of the red rectangles. Alternate the directions.

Step 3: Step 2

Add four 2 x 2 red squares on top of the white rectangles and then add two white 4 x 2 legos on top of that.

Add two red 4 x 2 legos. Then add four 2 x 2 white legos. Finally, add the last two 4 x 2 red legos on top of the white 2 x 2 squares.

Step 4: Step 3

Connect two yellow multi-attachable yellow legos facing opposite directions as seen in the photo on top of a clear circular lego.

Attach the second clear circular lego on top of the 2 yellow pieces to make the light of the lighthouse.

Step 5: Step 4

Place the light from Step 3 on top of of the red and white lego tower to complete the lighthouse.

Step 6: Making Flappy

Step 7: Leggo Pieces You'll Need to Make Flappy

  • two small brown triangular legos
  • one small yellow triangular lego
  • two multi-attachable black square legos
  • one 2 x 1 red lego
  • one 2 x 1 brown lego
  • one small yellow rectangular lego
  • one small yellow circle lego
  • two eyes
  • one 4 x 2 cream lego
  • two 4 x 1 brown legos
  • two 8 x 1 blue legos
  • one 8 x 2 blue lego

Step 8:

Place the yellow disk on top of the single-knob to form Flappy’s feet.

Stack the brown 2 x 1 lego on top of Flappy's feet perpendicularly. Then stack a black multi-attachable square lego to the brown knob that connects to Flappy's yellow piece as show in the picture.

Step 9:

Attach Flappy’s wings by adding the two small brown rectangular legos to both sides of the black multi-attachable lego as shown above.

Step 10:

Attach the 2 x 1 red lego to the top of the black lego, and then add the second black multi-attachable lego on top.

Step 11:

Connect the small yellow triangular lego to the red 2 x 1 lego to form Flappy's beak. Give Flappy two eyes by connecting one eye to both sides of the top black lego.

Add the larger green triangular lego to the back of the brown 2 x 1 lego as shown in the picture above to give Flappy a tail.

Step 12:

Lay the 8 x 2 blue lego in the middle of the two 8 x 1 blue legos to form water.

Step 13:

Connect the three blue legos by adding two brown 4 x 1 brown legos across perpendicularly as shown in the photo. Add the light tan 4 x 2 lego across the 2 brown legos to finish Flappy's raft.

Step 14:

Finally, attach Flappy to the raft that you have just created.

Step 15: Making the Palm Tree

Step 16: Leggo Pieces You'll Need to Build the Palm Tree

  • one 8 x 2 beige lego
  • two 4 x 1 green legos
  • two 3 x 1 green legos
  • one 2 x 2 thick green lego
  • one 2 x 2 thin green lego
  • six 1 x 1 brown legos

Step 17:

Connect the six single small lego's together on top of one another and then place it on top of the beige lego.

Step 18:

Then take one 3 x 1 lego and connect it to a corner on the flat green 2 x 2 lego. After that connect the four 3 x 1 green legos legos just like how it is shown on the first picture.

Connect the thick 2 x 2 green lego on top and in the center of the four 3 x 1 legos as shows in the last picture.

Step 19: Finishing the Palm Tree

Place the green lego set you just created on top of the multiple 1 x 1 brown legos to finish the palm tree.

Step 20: Congratulations!

Congratulations! You have saved Flappy the bird!

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