Save Old Cordless Drill With a Old Laptop Power Supply




Introduction: Save Old Cordless Drill With a Old Laptop Power Supply

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lets start!

Step 1: Things You Need

We going to need

1 an old laptop power supply

2 an old cordless drill

3 a multimeter

also screwdrivers supper glue and solder iron on eletronic wires

find a power supply that match with your powerdrill specs, on mine i got a power supply that could delivery

18v at 3,5 amps. My cordless drill operates with 18v at 1,3 amps. That looks overloaded, but works nicely; thoose chinese old drill could stand a heavy overload in motor, because they use the same motor on 12v 18v and even on 9,6v drills, so, its very flexible d/c motor to work with.

Step 2: Find the Wires

find a positive wire on the power supply, and look at orientation on the battery bank of the drill itself, i had lucky to had printed on my battery the positive and negative side, but use the multimeter to find it anyway.

Step 3: Putting Everything

Now that you discovery the positive and negative wires its time to solder in place, take the old battery bank out, and save if you want, take care with because could cause fire if they short-circuit.

We just want that top piece, super glue the metal tabs and after weld the wires super glue into battery case again

Step 4: Observation

keep the old laptop wire input, would be useful in the future

Step 5: Put Everything Together

we super glue the parts, now its time to close the battery case, i did a wrong, i would make a hole on the case first before solder the wires and super glue, but now i cant desolder everything, so i cut the wire and i will join after with the rest of the cable

Step 6: Keep the Eye on Wires

Its very important to pay attention to cables and solder everything right, soldering pos and neg cables on wrong way could damage your drill! even old and beat up drill can be destroyed by mishandling the cables.

on the battery case, the connectors are held on top by friccion of the battery bank inside, so now taking batteries out you must provide some way to make the connectors be inside and oriented, i have use CA glue, but you can use even a small screw above to keep everything right.

Step 7: And Final Step

now just joining the wires , you could jump that step if you already make a hole in the case before solder and super glue! hehe

Step 8: Thats It!

now its just use it! its very cool ! but always use at low speed settings for more power , that drill are only suitable for small jobs and drillings, for small driling on wood, or big drilling but at slow speed. You can even drill aluminium and steel, but also at very slow pace, i found interessing using that drill combined with a normal cord drill or a powerful cordless like for example: on woodworking, one drill make holes and another put the screws, etc could make the job faster!

a handy and cool tool for super cheap!!

Step 9: Putting the Cord Transformer Inside a Old Battery Box

not always your transformer will fit inside a empty battery box of a drill, in my case i had luck that fit almost like a glove, as you can see i had to cut a little of rubber wire that protects a close part of transformer and thats it, just close glue it up and make a hole to conect the cord, i have use that fancy poorman´s way to cut into plastic...a hot knife...its ugly but works great! anyway its much more confortable to use that drill with transformer inside, because you dont need to see if the transformer are hanging on the cord or gets busted crashing into things...

note: my flip flop feet appears in almost all pics! hehe

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    4 years ago

    Hi, this seems to be a basic connect the wires together tutorial. I have done the same and just asked a question about why the motor i using in this way only kicks again and again and again over but never spins. Thank you for the post.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Maybe not enough Amps to power.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes, thank you. I have learned this now and using a computer power supply 5Volt rail? to power the 6V battery powered drill and it works great.