Introduction: Savory Stew With Potatoes & Meatballs Recipe



1000g ground meat

1000g savory vegetable

750g potatoes

300g onions

150g breadcrumbs

1 egg

salt, pepper, sweet paprika, hot paprika

Step 1: Preparation

Peel & cut the potatoes in pieces and wash them. Remove one layer from the savory and cut it in pieces. Wash the savory in salt water. Peel the onions. Put the savory in a roasting pan with a bit butter and stir it a few minutes. Add the onions and stir a few minutes. Add the potato pieces and stir a few minutes. Fill the roaster with water to the top of your ingredients. Scatter salt & pepper to it. Give breadcrumbs, onions and the egg to the meat. Add salt & pepper and mix it together. Form meatballs out of it.

Step 2: Finish

Place them in the roaster and put the cover on it. After 10 minutes stir it cover it again and let it chill for another 10 minutes. Grab a plate and enjoy.

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