Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter Plug

Introduction: Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter Plug

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One of the first things I noticed about this awesomely small but effective water filter was the lack of protection for the input side. Even our annual family summer car camping trip ended with lint and debris needing to get picked and flushed from the end. Knowing full well how a backpacking trip can go from bad to worse solely due to water issues I looked to my PowerSpec 3D Pro printer for a solution. Its simple yet affective and, for those of you weight shavers, can easily be modified to suit your needs using the provided STL and THING files.

This was made using ABS without a platform or supports.

Printed at .15mm layer height with 2 shells & 15% infill (for durability) @ an extrusion speed of 70mm/s & travel speed of 130mm/s. No scaling required.

Please vote for me. Happy hiking!!

Oops...forgot to add the aforementioned printing files in the original entry

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    5 years ago

    It has come to my attention why there is no cover. The filter fibers should be allowed to dry out. In others words, not stay wet. My only guess is, if the fibers stay wet, bacteria may grow causing contamination.