Scada Creating SVG for Web Server in ESP8266

Introduction: Scada Creating SVG for Web Server in ESP8266

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This tutorial is divided into 2 in which it is explained how to design a mini SCADA or graphical representation of a process in this case a tank which displays the variable level 0 to 100% was created.

The web server will be located in Module ESP8266 which publishes an HTML page which in turn designs SVG file hosted on the server.

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Step 1: ​SVG Editor Online - Components and Materials Required for Testing

Online SVG editor used a design is made, in this case a basic design used figures Basic and allows changing dimensions, change colors, generate and save HTML code,

Components and materials required for testing

1- ESP8266 01

1- Regulator 3.3v

1-Battery acid 6v

Step 2: Design Scada SVG ESP8266 Part 1

Step 3: ​Linearization Rectangle Dimensions

Animation code in Arduino IDE
Map function is used 2 times:

1 Linearized (y-axis) min max 98 317, equivalent to 0 and 100% will wonder why the min is greater than the maximum, this is due to displacement requires the rectangle.

2 Linearize (Height) min 0 max 220, equivalent to 0 and 100%. to determine the ranges of 2 variables videos there is the method of animation is indicated.

3 Conversion Int to Strings These integer values must be converted to Strings and must concatenate the design SVG.

Step 4: Design Scada SVG ESP8266 Part 2

Step 5: More Information on This Project :

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