Introduction: Scandinavian Reindeer Decoration

This is a super easy design to make your candles have that festive touch. It looks really pretty, and is perfect for the winter holidays.

Step 1: You Need...

Around 45 cm of foil, depending how thick you want your horse to be. A strip of foil, around 4cm wide, a dried up pen, a pencil, scissors and paper (don't use card). Once you've got all these things you're ready to get started!!

Step 2: Starting

First draw a basic Scandinavian reindeer shape on the paper, you can copy one from the internet, a book... Once you have done this cut it out.

Step 3: Decorating!

Now decorate your paper reindeer, Scandinavian style, so, dots, zig zags, hearts, spirals, stars.... At first it's a bit hard to get ideas but after a while you get into it! Just go for it!

Step 4: Foil

Fold your foil in half three times and then use the paper stencil of your reindeer to cut out the foil one, make sure their the same size!!

Step 5: Printing

Once you have cut it out use your dried up pen to go over the patterns on your paper stencil, this will print the pattern onto the foil horse.If anything came off during cutting (my leg did) it doesn't matter, just cut that bit off on your paper stencil as well.

Step 6: Finishing

Just add your thin strip of foil around the back of your reindeer and there! You have your candle holder

Step 7: Done


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