Introduction: Scandinavian Style Advent Wreath

For fans of puristic and scandinavian design - like me - here is my short and easy DIY tutorial of how to create your own wood discs Scandinavian Style Advent Wreath !

Step 1: You Need

  • 8 clamps
  • woodglue
  • drill (size pf your candles - i used 22mm)
  • 4 candles
  • marker
  • 4 stacks of wood discs (stacks of 3 or 4 discs;up to you :D)

Step 2: Wood Discs Stacks

When you are satisfied with the order of the discs and stocks you can glue them together:

  1. put woodglue between single discs
  2. use clamps to press the pieces together; 2 clamps/stack is safer and better to professionelly glue the pieces to another!
  3. let it dry for 1h to be sure the glue is set.

Step 3: Drilling

Now we need wholes to stick the candles in.

Meassure the diameter of your candles to pick the right sized drill to drill the wholes!!
My candles meassured about 22mm in diameter - so I used the 22mm drill.
I used the big box column drill, but you can also use your drilling machine.

You don't need to drill all the way back down. Just deep enough for the candle to safely stick.
You can drill as deep as depending on the decorativ effect here - maybe one candle sticking out higher then another? :)

I alreadyput my candles in. My last step will be the numbers >>>

Step 4: Painting the Numbers

Because my candle-stacks don't illustrate clearly the order of christmas advent wreath; and because I liked the idea of typo on it; I draw the number 1 to 4 onto the wood.

First I searched a nice font I'd love to use (here:Bodoni MT).
Then I used a pencil to sketch the single numbers onto the wood stacks - making sure the number works perfectly looking at it frontally.
Following I used a black marker to finaly draw the numers!
Looking nice, don't they? :D

Step 5: Lighting the Candles

That's it!
Your very own and selfmade scandinavian styled advent wreath!!
You can put them on a nice tray, add more decorative things or simple enjoy the puristic design.


Interested in other design ideas?
You want me to do a specific tutorial?
Suggest in the comments below and feel free to subscribe

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