Scary Angler Pumpkin

Introduction: Scary Angler Pumpkin


Here's a quick, simple and scary angler pumpkin i did a few years ago.


A pumpkin and carving supplies
Scrap wire
At least 2 tubes of Black or brown silicone (but any color will work) and a caulk gun
Acrylic paint
Hair clip

Step 1: Prepare the Arms, Legs, and Stem

Cut 10 2ft long pieces of wire (I believe i used solid 12/3 wire)
cut one end of the wire to expose about 6 inches of the individual wires and around 3 inches on the other end for the arms, legs and stem
Now match 2 corresponding ends of the wire together and wrap the main body of the wire to make it look like a twisted vine.

Step 2: Now Comes the Messy Step

Spread out the end with the 6in wires flat so it will stand straight on it's own
Now with 4 of the vines cover all of it except the end with the 3 inch exposed wire in silicone including the exposed individual 6 inch wires
use your gloves to work the silicone into all the cracks and to smooth it out just keep in mind that you want it to look like an old gnarly vine when you're done.
With the 5th vine you want to use the 3in side to attach the hair clip to it just wrapping the wire around one side and then covering with just enough silicone so that it still works
Don't silicone the exposed 6 inch individuals on this vine yet

Step 3: Paint

Once the silicone has dried dry brush it with brown acrylic paint once that has dried i would then dry brush some green highlights on it.
If it's going to be exposed to the elements you're going to need to seal the the paint with something.

Step 4: Assembling

Figure out where you want to place the arms and legs spread out the 3 inch wires into a circle and just push each individual wire through the pumpkin and bend the wire inside the pumpkin to secure it tightly to it. If the wires are too long on the inside just trim them up a little

With stem take the 6 inch wires and wrap it around the stem to make it look like it's part of it just make sure to leave enough wire to be able to push through top of the pumpkin to secure like u did with arms and legs.
Now use the silicone to make it look like it's part of the stem and touch up any fingers or other pieces that need it
once that dries do your final dry brushing touch up a

Step 5: Carving

This step is pretty self-explanatory...
I haven't tried it but I've heard if u cover all the inside and exposed flesh with Vaseline it will make the pumpkin last longer.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Add some blood and gore to the teeth, some bait on the clip and now it's time sit back and enjoy watching it scare the crap out all those little beggars

If you give it a try i would LOVE to see what you come up with. :)

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