Awesome Space Scene Made Easy by TINKERCAD

Introduction: Awesome Space Scene Made Easy by TINKERCAD

This TinkerCad project is a Scene of the First satellite (Sputnik l.) in the middle of space close with THE EARTH and THE SUN.


- TinkerCad account

- Internet connectivity

Step 1: The Planetarium

Open a TinkerCAD project base and set the grid to 1000 by 1000 mm

- Pull out a Sphere and set the size to 400 by 400 by 400 mm

Step 2: Make It a Dome

Take in a sphere and turn it into a hole. Next size up into a 388 by 388 by 388 mm sphere. Align the 2 spheres to the centre middle up and then group it.

Step 3: Open Up

Take another sphere and up the size 300 by 300.

Make it a hole and position it to the up middle on any side of the dome

Next colour it black

Step 4: Stars

Pull in a cone and size down to 5 by 5 by 6 mm and colour it white

position it randomized around the walls of the dome so they look like stars

Step 5:

take 2 spheres and size 290 by 290 by 290. colour one orange and the other yellow. Align them so the two colours create a blend.

Then place the sun inside the planetarium.

Step 6: Earth

take a 193 by 193 by 193 mm sphere and make it a blue colour(ocean). Take your time and build up the different countries from the featured shapes and make it green (land).

Place the earth inside the planetarium

If hard to make earth download the STL

Step 7: Satellite

take a regular sphere and 4 rods 1 by 1 by 40 mm.

place the four rods on the bottom of the sphere and group them.

colour the satellite grey and place it anywhere inside the planetarium.

Step 8: Voila!!

The final product should look anyway like this!!!.

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    This is awesome!


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