Introduction: School Survival Kit (Pocket Sized)

Have you ever had a situation at school were you wished you had something? Or you need a package of items to get you through the day? I know I have, so I made this! This pocket sized survival kit is a great basic school survival kit. If you wanted you could even remove some of these items and put in others. Personally I would have put in strips of gum, but I didn't have any on hand so O well. :)

Step 1: The Case

I used an altoids tin becuase it is light weight, pocket sized, and can still hold quite a lot of stuff.

Step 2: Money

First off I put in money because I like to buy snacks at lunch and sometimes I don't know when so BOOM! Problem solved.

Step 3: Gum

Next is gum. Almost everybody likes gum, and if you don't you could replace them with peppermints!

Step 4: School Supplies

A pencil... You know what that's for. And also stapples, becuase I had to wait ten minutes once just to get stapples for a project we had three days to work on. FYI: I never liked that teacher.

Step 5: Misc.

Toothpicks, pen but, rubber bands, and empty pen. Toothpicks have many uses, I have used the pen butt (Don't know what else to call it) for several things: hiding pen gun ammo. Rubber bands... Pen gun anyone? Pen, I think you know.

Step 6: Your Done!!!

Know that your finished you can bring it to school and be prepared for everything! Post a comment below of you modifacations. All comments are appreciated!