Introduction: Science Clouds

Boil Water until hot

Step 1:

Pour water in the jar until the halfway mark

Step 2:

Put Ice on the jar lid

Step 3:

Put the lid on the jar and wait 20 seconds

Step 4:

Next, quickly spray some hairspray into the jar and close it again

Finally, watch as your cloud takes form.

Step 5: Cloud in a Bottle

First put in 60mL of water in the bottle

Then close the lid and squeeze hard for 15 seconds.

Next light a match and put it into the tip of the bottle so that the flames don't come out and don't touch the edges.

Once the match has burnt out, release it into the water and quickly close the lid.

Squeeze bottle for 20 seconds.

Let go, and see the small clouds forming at the top of the bottle.