Scrap Paracord Wire Cover

Introduction: Scrap Paracord Wire Cover

When I'm doing wiring I get frustrated having to always go and get more rubber tubes from the store so I thought of this. I have tons of scrap paracord lying around so I thought this would be a good use. Hope you can find some use for this. :D

Step 1: Scavenge for Scrap Paracord

Step 2: Other Materials

You will need:

Step 3: Cut Ends

Most likely your ends are heated so we need to cut them.

Step 4: Remove Guts

Step 5: Stuff With Wire

Now your scrap paracord has just become a wire cover!

Step 6: Melt Ends (optional)

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    This is a great idea, as long as it doesn't get too hot. If you hook the wire in the paracord guts you could probably use it to pull the wire through. It might save the hassle of stuffing it through the chord.