Scrapy Crochet Hat

Introduction: Scrapy Crochet Hat

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A few months ago I started collecting my scrap yarn and created a ball. I just keep adding more yarn until I had enough to make a hat with.

Supplies :
* scrap yarn ball
* size 6.00 mm crochet hook
* scissors

* notecard
* stitch marker

Step 1: Pattern

Because of all the different colors in the yarn I really wanted a hat where the different textures could be seen. So I used a single crochet stitch. Normally I would crochet in rounds meaning that each row will start and end at the same spot. This hat is not worked in rounds, but in a spiral. That means there is no joining and no chain stitches a the beginning and end of each row. The crochet will just continue spiraling up.

sc : single crochet
sl st: slip stitch
ch: chain stitch

Row 1: ch 72 stitches, sl st to join
Row2: sc in each st, do NOT join
continue sc in each stitch
At this time you can add a stitch marker to mark where you started, but it is not necessary, I didn't.( >_
Continue crocheting until you have the height that you want. Essentially you will be crocheting a tube, the longer the tube the sloucher the hat. And the shorter the tube the more beanie like the hat will be. I went for an length in the middle, slightly slochy.

That was around row 35- 36 ish , and I slip stitched to join and bind off. Then I cut a lenght of yarn and thread it through the top of the tube with a running stitch through each stitch. Then pull the two strings together and tie on the inside.

Step 2: Pompom !!!

I noticed a small hole at the top of the hat and I wanted to cover that with a giant pompom.
I put a piece of string parallel to a note card and started wrapping yarn around the card until I was out of yarn.I tied another piece of yarn on the other side of the card so that the pompom was tied on both the front and back of the pompom. Then I tied another piece of yarn around the other these two. After I cut the loops I noticed that the pompom was very uneven, it looked like a jellybean. So I trimmed it to look a little more decent. The yarn that was first wrapped around the card are shorter than the yarn on the very outside, creating this pompom jellybean thing. I made sure that I didn't cut the yarn the I tied it with in the middle, and used that yarn to tie it to the other strands that I left on the hat. If you need to secure the pompom on more just thread more yarn through the center and tie it on the inside of the hat.
And now your done!

Step 3: Tip :)

When I crochet a I run into a spot that I tied together this is how I work that into the crochet. I take the two tail ends and lay them on top of the next stitch and just single crochet over it. I twisted the tails just so it 0can be easier to see. And just continue to crochet over the tail until there is none left. Now you have concealed your tail ends into your work, and it is not visible on either side of the hat.

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    6 years ago

    I have researched many beanie designs over the past many months and have been skittish about actually DOING it. This instructable, with its basic stitches and use of scrap yarn, makes the prospect so much less intimidating! (Although, as such a newbie, I have to refer to other guides for the step-by-step of even the most basic chain, single crochet, and slip stitches.) I like how you clearly demonstrated how you work new yarns into the old and how you cast aside convention by mixing weights and colors to achieve such a rich texture. Thank you!


    7 years ago

    I knit hats from scraps, and they make the cutest creations! A scarf made this way is just adorable too.


    7 years ago

    Nice looking hat! Looks easy enough, even for a beginner. Problem is, my leftover yarn is all different sizes and textures. I wonder if it would work out the same if I used those?


    Reply 7 years ago

    Some of the yarn I used was different sizes and textures, but I just used the same hook size. You can change your hook to match the yarn in that one section, or just use similar yarn textures. I think using different textures of yarn will add an interesting section to your hat.