Screaming Senseo

Introduction: Screaming Senseo

My daily routine in the morning starts with a delicious cup of coffee. I walk towards my kitchen, get some coffee out of a tin can and start the machine. But suddenly I realised that my coffee machine is too nice for me. It gives me my lovely fresh coffee in the morning. It had to change drastically. That it has to be something you would not expect in the early morning, especially that it is talking badly towards you. So this is why I call this project 'Screaming Senseo'. It has to be mean at me in the morning.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

My plan is to make it scream every time I make some coffee. The 'Senseo' has two stages of angry. Stage one getting liberal mean for one single cup of coffee. And stage two getting extremely angry for asking two cups of coffee. This choice because the interface only has three buttons which you can interact with.

So for this we have to get some supplies.

  • First of all the 'Senseo': Type Senseo HD7863
  • A set of screwdrivers and a torx bit for the screws on the back.
  • Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board - WAV/OGG Trigger, 16MB Flash
  • Voltmeter
  • Small Speaker, 8 ohm 0.5W
  • Jumperwires, male to male and female to male.
  • Soldering station and some solder tin
  • A wire cutter and stripping pliers
  • 5v adapter and cable and a 5v breakout board

Step 2: Disassemble the Machine

The fun part begins. Stripping the body parts of my lovely Senseo machine to become the mean machine.

On the back are two torx screws. Get rid of them.
Now one side panel can get off according to the manual. Well, I almost got angry myself getting rid of the side panel. But I managed it.

So after getting some 'not so good' coffee from my neighbour I finally had a good look inside the machine. Searching for the main part, the important part, the PCB and where the wires from each button goes. The wires from the buttons (single and double buttons on the front) are connected to one side of the board.

With this type of Senseo I had the setting:

Grey with green: power button
Grey with yellow: single button '1 cup'
Grey with brown: double button '2 cups'

Use a voltmeter to read the connection of the wires. The ground side on the grey wire and search for the right coloured wire, at the same time holding the single/the double/power button on the front.

I use the wires to connect directly to the track headers of the sound fx board.

Oh and don't forget cutting the power of the machine when disassembling it :)

Step 3: Attaching the Sound Fx Board

Power the adafruit sound fx board to a 5v adapter with a USB Type B breakout board (for just a quick test of the wiring). And wire the buttons with the track numbers on the sound board. To make it easier for myself I cut the connector from the coloured wires and put each wire inside a clamp.

I turned the power on the machine and checked the arranged wires. Everything is alright. But I want to power the soundfx through the PCB. So I eventually don't need the usb type B breakout board and 5v adapter anymore. I looked at the potential 5v places on the PCB. I managed to find some, it powered the sound fx. But there wasn't enough amperes to trigger the soundtracks. So back to option A, an external 5v power adapter with cable powering the soundboard. To make the side panel close properly, cut a hole in the side.

Attachment of the jumpers;

  • + 5v breakout --> vin soundfx board
  • gnd breakout --> gnd soundfx board
  • jumper out of grey wire clamp --> gnd soundfx board
  • green --> T0 soundfx board
  • yellow --> T1 soundfx board
  • brown --> T2 soundfx board

Step 4: Assemble Board in Place

After a bit of understanding the machine and its inner parts. I realised the pump looked pretty much like a bladder where the liquid coffee flows right out. Okay back to the part that I now have to put the panel back in place. There is a little bit of space on the inside of the protective cap for the soundfx board, speaker and the 5v breakout board.

Before putting all the panels right in place, I first have to upload some amazing soundtracks on my soundfx board.

Step 5: Audio

So now I can get a little bit creative.

I made a list of cool sentences for the machine to speak. You can record it with the microphone in your pc/laptop. I used Audacity free software. Upload the files as T00, T01 and T02 with extension .ogg

Now everything can be put together again. Than it is just plug & play and make some delicious coffee with the mean machine.

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    2 years ago

    I'm a little confused, why do you want your appliances to be mean to you?