Introduction: Screwpine Cake With Chocolate Buttercream (Pandan Cake)

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This sponge cake is so fragrant thanks to the screwpine paste. Very good paired with chocolate buttercream.

Step 1: Method

Pandan Sponge:

100 gram butter

100 gram margarine

175 gram icing sugar

5 egg white (this should be about 10-13 tbsp)

75 cc - 100 cc milk (this should be at least about 15-16 tbsp; I added a couple tbsp more)

150 gram flour mixed with 1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tbsp Pandan paste (more or less is according to your liking of the color and taste)

Grease and flour your fluted cake mold, set aside.

Using your mixer, whisk egg whites until stiff form, set aside.

In another bowl, again, using your mixer, mix butter, margarine and icing sugar and well combined and smooth, then add in the rest of the ingredients bits by bits; last, turn off the mixer, add in the beaten egg whites, stir well slowly.

Pour batter into the ready mold, bake at 350 F for 35-45 minutes or until knife inserted comes out clean.

Chocolate Buttercream

100 gram butter (more if you wish for better texture)

150 gram vegetable shortening

2 blocks cooking chocolate (either dark or semi sweet)

1 block white cooking chocolate

strawberries as needed

icing sugar as needed

1 tbsp vanilla essence

warm water as needed

2-4 tsps cocoa powder

Melt together white and dark cooking chocolate in a microwave, stir to combine well, set aside.

Using your mixer, beat together shortening and soften butter until smooth and combine then add in icing sugar bits by bits.

Stir cocoa powder and a little warm water; add in the mixture into the icing sugar mixture; continue beating with mixer until all well combined; last add in the essence. Do note, the amount of icing sugar is depending on how much you need the buttercream for frosting while the amount of butter and margarine is depending how smooth and yummy the texture and the taste of your buttercream to your desire.

Once the cake is totally cooled, spread the buttercream or pipe them to your creativity. Slice each strawberries, take the end sides, and place them as shown in the picture; with the melted cooking chocolates, draw the branches and leaves.

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