Introduction: Scrolling Led Based Time and Temperature Display

The project is used to display real time clock and temperature on the Scrolling Led Display

Step 1: Component List

With Quantity

DC adaptar (5v 2 amp) × 1

DC socket × 1

P89V51RD2 controller IC × 1

40 pin IC base × 1

16 pin IC base × 3

Crystal 11.0592 Mhz × 1

Capacitor 33 pf × 1

Capacitor 1000 µF × 1

Capacitor 10 µF × 1

Tectile Switch (4 pin small) × 1

Resistance 10K ohm × 1

Resistance 100 ohm × 24

Connecting Wires × 10

General Purpose PCB (1 feet by 1/2 feet) × 1

5 mm LED: Red × 600

transistor BC547 × 47

IC 4017 × 3

Step 2: Matrix Formation

LEDs should be connected in the form of a matrix

the positive terminal should go the row

and the negative terminal should go in the column.

Step 3: Temperature Sensor and ADC

for calculating the temperature temperature sensor should be utilized and calculating its analog value analog to digital convertor is used. i am using ADC0809 for the circuit. if you have in built ADC in controller you can discard ADC and connect sensor output directly to microcontroller.

Step 4: Circuit Diagram

Step 5: RTC for Time Clock Output

DS1307 ic can be used for calculating the actual time for the circuit.

Step 6: Code

Embedded C

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