Introduction: Sculpt in Clay.Creature From Another Planet.

Do you want how to make an extraterrestrial sculpture in clay?? Here the answer step by step.




-Masking tape


-Wood bracket

-Square wood table

-Detailing tools

-Pair of compasses

-Sculpture clay



-Acrylic paint


Step 1: The Design.

At the beginning you can draw your ideas from the extraterrestrial,make your own character with the design that you like more.

You can also search images of references from sci-fi movies,videogames,comics,series,books,etc. The most important is that you have a clear idea about what you want to sculpt.

Step 2: The Structure.

Take the cardboard and add to the bracket with glue then bend the wire to the basic shape and screw it to the base and cardboard.

Use a hammer to nail the bracket with the square wood support.To make the sculpture lightweight use the newspaper and adhesive tape.

Step 3: Modeling!

Over the adhesive tape put the sculpture clay. At first time is more important that the clay sticks over the adhesive tape,then you can make the correct shape with the clay.

With the detailings tools help yourself for make the details and incorporate the clay correctly. Don´t forget to use different tools to make different shapes,textures and work details in different sizes.

This step could be very long,be patience,the important thing is the piece,go on until you get the figure.

TIP:Use the pair of compasses to calculate the distance for the same symmetry in the face´s features.

Step 4: Soft the Clay.

Wet a brush in thinner and clean the sculpture with it,the thinner is also for making the clay soft and get better texture.

You can add more details after,and clean the sculpture again with thinner.

Step 5: Painting.

Paint the sculpture with colour base for protection could be black or white.

Paint the sculpture with acrylic paintings,use the colour that you prefer,if you want you can also paint the table.

Step 6: Lacquer.

Finally apply transparent lacquer in all the figure,this is to protect the paint in your sculpture.

Be careful with the amount of lacquer,more lacquer will make your sculpture mora shiny.

Step 7: It´s All.

It´s done,you have your extraterrestrial sculpture in clay!!!

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