Introduction: Sculpting a Clay Dog :)

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Hello everyone :D

Are you interested in making a clay dog ?

I hope you would like it :)


First we need those things :

* clay (of course)

* Sharpened pencil

* Toothpicks

* Paper-knife ( scissor, or just a ruler) for cut little pieces ** ADULT SUPERVISION NEEDED**

Step 1: Draw the Dog First

i named him Tom :)

Step 2: Making the Nose

So this will be Tom's nose

You need to make a triangle little piece of clay and use the pencil to make 2 holes like that

And need 2 more little pieces to complete the nose

Tada :D Sniff sniff ~

Step 3: Adding the Mouth

Add a piece . look like he could lick your face now

Step 4: Adding the Head

Step 5: Making the Ears

We need 2 pieces like that, i decided to making Tom's ears down. I thinks he likes it

Step 6: The Body

You may need the toothpicks to make the body stronger

Step 7: Making the Front Legs

Using the toothpicks to make it easier to sculpt :)

Step 8: Making Back Leg

Step 9: Sculpt Those Sexy Butt :))

And i added the tail too

Step 10: Making the Hair Texture

Make sure your pencil is shapened and draw the hair on Tom's , you can use the toothpicks instead

Step 11: Eyes

I make 2 holes and put 2 little ball inside to make the eyes

Tom : Does this look like i joking ? :))

Step 12: Finish !

I added the bell for him - as a good boy always wanna licking your face :)

I hope you ẹnoy those sculpting time

Thank you for spending the time to read my instructables :)

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