Introduction: Seagrass Kitten

I love simple patterns that no matter what yarn you use turn out original looking creatures. Right now making cute cat animals has been on my mind, and using self striping yarn to bring out the real personality in my new creation. I do get bored easily so quick patterns with little shaping or mindless repeats is a real blessing, if I have to keep count then forget about it.  I crochet slowly but within 2-3 hours I had this little cutie

The kitten is made up of 9 pieces each working off the same basic tube. Personally I hate reading charts, and like working off of numbers that tell me when to increase or decrease without expecting serious math involved. As well I hate printing off patterns with tons of extras in the sides that take up space and ink. This is a straight Copy-paste into a .txt and print, and easy enough to do by memory.

Head (Increasing 6 each row)
Magic Circle 6 sc
1st : 2sc in each (12sc)
2nd: 1sc, 2sc into each sc* (18sc)
3rd:  2sc, 2sc in each sc* (24sc)
4th:  3sc, 2sc in each sc* (30sc)
5th:  4sc, 2sc in each sc* (36sc)
6-9: 1 sc in each
10th:4sc, 1 sc decrease* (30sc)
11th:3sc, 1 sc decrease* (24sc)
12th:2sc, 1 sc decrease* (18sc)
-A good time to stuff and put in safety eyes if desired-
13th:1sc, 1 sc decrease* (12sc)
14th:1sc decrease around (6sc)
Close as desired

Ears x2 (Increasing 3 each row)
Magic Circle 3c
1st:  2sc in each (6sc)
2nd:1sc, 2sc in next, 1sc* (9sc)
3rd: 2sc, 2sc in next* (12sc)
4-5: 1 sc each each
-Don't stuff-
-To lengthen just add extra rows, to shorten only do Row 4-
Close as desired

Legs x4 (Increasing 5 each row)
Magic Circle 5sc
1st: 2sc in each (10sc)
2-16: 1 sc in each 
-Stuff every two rows-
-Make as long or short as desired-
Close as desired

Tail (Increasing 4 each row)
Magic Circle 4
1st: 2sc in each (8sc)
2 and on: 1sc  in each (8sc)
-Make as long as desired-

Body (Increasing 6 then 5 each row)
Magic Circle 6sc
1st: 2sc in each (12)
2nd:1sc, 2sc into each sc* (18sc)
3rd:  2sc, 2sc in each sc* (24sc)
4-7: 1sc in each
8th: 4sc, 1 sc decrease* (20sc)
9-16: 1 sc in each
17th: :2sc, 1 sc decrease* (15sc)
18-19: 1sc in each
-Start stuffing to desired stiffness-
20th:1sc, 1 sc decrease* (10sc)
21st: 1sc decrease around (5sc)
Close as desired

Sew together as shown, leave some wiggle room with sewing together so the kitten can be posed as desired

To make the nose, lips, toes: use a daisy stitch (v stitch) 

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