Introduction: Second Life for Pendrive (new Casing From Lego Brick)

Casing in my USB stick was broken. The easiest way was to throw it away... but I don't like 'easiest way'. I looked googled for a while but didn't found what I was looking for. So I decided to make my own casing.

It is quite ease (but not as ABC).

Step 1: What You Need.

1. USB stick :)
2. Lego brick :)
3. Epoxy resin or silicon or liquid plastic.
4. Syringe with needle.
5. Small file or drill.

Step 2: Ready...

All projects which I saw made USB stick big and clumsy. I wanted to have stick as small as possible and made from one brick and transparent.

First I measured my USB stick. It has 48 x 16 mm (length x width). Thickness is not important. Than I started to look for brick. Non of mine fits and non of mine was transparent so I googled again. I found this website and there I found brick which is almost ideal.... almost because inner dimension is too small. Exactly 1.2 mm... Anyway I ordered it. Part number is 46212. (direct link to brick).

Step 3: Set...

Brick has arrived.It is 1.2 mm too narrow. The wall has a thickness of 1.6 mm so with small file I wanted to saw out enough place. This was dead end... I changed tool to drill. I mounted on the table and I used 6 mm cutter. This time I reached what I wanted.

When I cleaned brick from inside next step was to apply "something" inside. I decided to use Smooth Cast 310. It is easy to use, relative cheap and what most important I had it already :) You can also use epoxy resin or silicon.

Because I needed only 3.5 cm3 of liquid and there were so tiny holes between brick and USB stick I used syringe with needle to apply liquid.

Step 4: GO....

Two hours after I applied liquid plastic it was done. Even blinking LED is working :)