Introduction: Secret Pepsi Bottle

Best compartment for hiding your secret things!

I actually did not have items right now so these are Pics from Web. I had an idea and I illustrated it in Tinkercad so this how I made the instruction. Sincerely, Editor


Pepsi Bottle


Step 1: Pour

Pour all the Pepsi in a jar.

Step 2: Take a Pepsi Bottle and Cut It !

Take a Pepsi Bottle and take the logo sheet off but first mark where the sheet was so you can cut it down. Cut the upper part. Lookup if you do not understand, where the red marking is cut that down.

Step 3: Take a Jar and Glue It!

Where the red has been outlined you have to place a jar there. First, glue the jar and then attach it but first pour some Pepsi in it that it toches the jar then take the cap and glue to the second half of the bottle. Lookup for info. The outline has to be the cap. Now attach both ends by closing the cap both ends will close completely. Now attach the logo sheet and fill the first half with Pepsi

Step 4: Peek-A-Boo

Done, hide anything in it your private USB or math cheat sheet. Bye.

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