Introduction: Secret Trash Can Compartment (Mechanical)

The one place that nobody looks when they are searching for your stuff is your trash can. But how do you make sure they don't find anything even if they look there? A secret compartment of course!

Step 1: The Parts


Scrap pieces of wood


A trash can - (Choose a trash can with straight sides and one with a constant width and length. It's easier to work with)

Tape and glue

A drill (you can use a hammer and a nail as well, only one hole needs to be made)

A sheet of any material. This project uses a 1/2 inch wood sheet and a plastic sheet. The project could be done with thermocol as well, although it may not be as strong.

Step 2: Building the Cover

  1. Measure the part of the trash can that you are going to cover and sketch the design out on a computer. For example, if you need a square of 20cm by 20cm, draw it out. Next divide the shape you have drawn in half. This is where the hinges will be attached. This helps get the sizes right.
  2. Cut out the parts from whatever material you are using.
  3. Attach the parts with hinges and make sure they can move freely.

Step 3: Finishing the Lid

  1. Pull the one part of the hinged lid top up and attach the other side of the lid to the inside of the trash can with easily removable double side tape.
  2. Make sure the lid fits perfectly and fine tune the lid until it fits snugly.
  3. Then cover the lid with a sheet which is flexible and the same color as the interior of the dustbin. This is to make sure that it seems a part of the trash can.
  4. Finally, attach a piece of wood the the movable part of the lid on the bottom. This will be a part of the locking mechanism.
  5. Now the lid can be attached to the interior of the trash can.

Step 4: The Locking Mechanism

  1. Keep the lid flat and parallel to the bottom of the trash can.
  2. Then find the piece of wood attached to the bottom of the trash can and drill a hole straight through the trash can and the piece of wood.
  3. Use a half inch screw to attach the trash can to the piece of wood. The false lid is now locked.
  4. Paint the outside of the screw the same color as the trash can to make sure it doesn't show.

And the trash can is done! Hide whatever you want now and unscrew the lid when you need to open it!

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