Secret Cabinet Spot



Introduction: Secret Cabinet Spot

We have decided to make a secret compartment inside of a cabinet drawer. We hit a lot of bumps in the road and it could have been better.

Step 1: Get a Cabinet.

Here we have a cabinet in one of our classrooms that the teacher has let us use.

Step 2: Take Out a Drawer.

Here we have the drawer from the missing space in the above picture.

Step 3: A Piece of Scrap Metal (last Available Picture)

Here we have a piece of scrap that was left around from another project. We will be using this piece to serve as a cover for the secret compartment.

Step 4: Cut the Metal

The metal we have from the picture above is 12" by 14 1/2". We will be using a laser metal cutter to cut this piece to fit over the inside of the drawer to act as a cover.

Step 5: Supplies.

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