Introduction: Sweet Potato, Regular Potato...Cook It Like Chefs Do

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When we think that the usual, traditional and classical way of doing things - cooking...can be tweaked and quality for quality the new way of cooking could be at par or even better than what chef do in the kitchen....

Join us in re-inventing the way to cook the French fries.

Also, you can substitute for the potato your favorite sweet orange potato....

Step 1: Mis-en-place -- Peeling & Cutting

2 medium white Russet Idaho potatoes peeled and washed and cut into 1/2” thick long sticks

Step 2: Brining

Combine 2 tbsp salt with 2 cups of water for brining half of the potatoes in a resealable freezer bag.

Combine the other 2 tbsp salt with 2 cups of water, for brining other half of the potato sticks in the second resealable bag.

Brine for at least an hour.

Drain and pat dry the brined potatoes, discard the solution.

Step 3: Parboiling Potatoes

Boil all the potato sticks in one medium size pan for 5 minutes, stirring often,

(If you have a sous vide you can brine the potatoes and parboil these for 5 minutes all at the same time. Saving you one step.)

Pat dry and allow to cool.

Parboiling will have the same effect as the first fry or blanching of potatoes in hot oil as practiced by chef to create fries that is soft and creamy inside.

Step 4: Fry

Frying -

Set up a dry medium deep fryer pan on your stovetop. Pour oil and heat to medium high until deep fry thermometer registers 375*F.

Fry those heavenly fries for 4 minutes. Transfer the cooked fries using a slotted spoon and drain the excess oil by laying those heavenly fries on a kitchen paper towel.

No need to season since it was brined, remember!

Serve hot.

Step 5: Serve Hot!

Yummy! Soft and creamy inside and crisp and light golden brown in the outside...!


Brining or fermentation of the potato slices remove the sugar and excess starch which if subjected to high cooking oil heat will cause maillard reaction (browning effect). This produces acyralamide which FDA considered as possible carcinogen.

Fermentation adds flavor and when using sous vide you can add flavor and cooked the inside of the fries into soft and creamy inside, all at the same time. Saving you the extra step of brining then boiling . The classical- two frying done by chefs are intended to cook into soft and creamy of the inside for the first fry; meanwhile the second fry is to insure crispy and golden brown in the outside.

The alternative way of cooking fries in single fry mode as explained step by step here will prevent increased production of acrylamide.

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