Introduction: Security Lite

Security Lite is an innovative security System that is cheap and very effective. It uses house lights to detect changes in light, if a change happens, the alarm is triggered. My inspiration for making this were laser trip wires and motion sensors. They both sense obstructions whether in visible light or inferred, but security lite is better due to it's ability to monitor larger areas. Security Lite is so effective it has an refresh rate of 1 million times per second. Security Lite is quite impassable unless you travel at least 1% the speed of light (According to actual tests and calculations).

Step 1: Gather Materials

Security requires few but cheap materials:

  1. Arduino Uno or Mega
  2. Photo resistors (Add as many as you please but I used 2)
  3. Buzzer
  4. 1k resistor
  5. 9 Male to Male jumper wires
  6. Bread Board

The Photo resistors are flexible, due to the ability to add or take away resistors based on preference.

Step 2: Wire It Up

Wire the Arduino and components according to the schematic:

  1. Photo resistors to 5v and A0 or A1 and Resistor
  2. Resistors to GND
  3. Buzzer to GND and Digitlal Pin 7

Step 3: Code

Finally we need to add some code, incorporate the code provided in this instructable. BUT! We need to change some of the variables in the code, just so that the Arduino knows your light level and how much it might vary.