Introduction: Seed of Life (Inkscape)

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This tutorial comes from this tutorial:

Create a Seed of Life pattern using a compass

(If the link breaks, don't worry. The tutorial still works.)

So, digitally, you don't have the equivalent of a compass.

(Not recommended to use one on your screen)

So, how to create one digitally, using, say, Inkscape?

Well, you've come to the right place.

Some useful links:

Inkscape Manual (English)

Inkscape Tutorials

Inkscape - Tracing Tools

Let's get started.

Step 1: The Steps Involved

For more info, details on specific steps
check out my earlier tutorial here:

Tea Lanterns using Inkscape / Pepakura

Step Overview:

There's a short animated GIF to follow.

The steps are also attached as a text file for your

Looks like a lot? It's not, really.

Seed of Life (Easy)

Seed of Life (Easy)

01) Make a circle (Hold down the Ctrl key - Drag while holding Left Mouse Button)
02) Ctrl-C (Copy)
03) Ctrl-Alt-V (Paste in Place)
04) Reposition (using the right arrow key on your keyboard) until just touching
the edge of the first circle
05) Ctrl-C
06) Ctrl-V Paste
07) Rectangle Select the first two circles
08) Ctrl-G (Group)
09) Left click Select the lone Circle
10) Shift left click Select the grouped Circle
11) Align and Distribute - Last Selected
12) Center Horizontally
13) Center Vertically
14) Almost Done
15) Ctrl-G
16) Copy and Paste in Place
17) Transform - Shift-Ctrl-M
18) Rotate - 120 degrees
19) Repeat steps 16 - 18
20) Path - Combine - Ctrl-K
21) Done

Step 2: The Steps - Animated Gif

This correlates to the steps above.

If you've printed them out, you should
be able to follow along - step by step.

Step 3: All Done

That's it.

In a future tutorial, I'll show how to convert
this to a 3D image in Shapeways.

Til then,

Questions? Suggestions? Problems?

Let me know in the comments.


As promised:

From 2D to 3D Using Inkscape to Shapeways / OpenSCAD)